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Bill Buckner
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#1 Most searched for today Bill Buckner died early on the morning of may 27th. He played for the Boston Red Sox for nearly 20 years And according to the press release about him started with “Being remembered for a mistake is hard. Being the living symbol of 86 years of futility is just about impossible” Now I’ve never heard of the guy and this mistake they refer to and I don’t reside nor have I ever  resided in Boston. So the question we pose to you today is how does something like this get to be a #1 Most searched for just think about it, as that is the main reason for of all of our Most searched for lists. How and why are they in the search position they are in? In other words are they really that popular is Google really that accurate or is it just for entertainment purpose’s and all made up by Google obviously who else. We do of course send Bill Buckner’s friends and family our deepest condolences. And asks them the same question we asked our readers. Why is this #1? So just think about it for a minute, in the mean time here is some video of his “Big mistake” and supposedly all he is remembered for, Do you remember any of this, not if you were born within the last 2 decades. So who puts out this information how did we get to this point in society????….
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NCAA Baseball Tournament
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#2 yeah we like baseball as much as the next guy which ain’t much. We also think college is overrated and too expensive. So how did NCAA Baseball Tournament get to be #2 most searched for, well it is still technically the weekend. Sports are big on the weekend but we have to label this another “Paid for Search.” How you may ask well that’s what we will be discussing in the days weeks and months to come. Let us pose another question to you, Do the Broadcast News services affect Google searches or is it the other way around, Google searches affect what the News Media actually reports about and Broadcasts on their news channel’s? We here at think that it can go either way but for the most part it is Google searches that affect what most media reports on. And most of you probably already know that because google is an instantaneous worldwide results based “media platform made up from your supposed searches.” The searches you make at the very moment you make them and Google has all that priceless search information and compiles every last one of your searches and keeps all that information forever, and they also know that all the Governments and other media outlets want that information more than money. What they don’t tell you is how the number of searches themselves can be altered and affected thats what trump is really talking about when he says fake news but never says the word Google is all fake news Because he wants all that information too what a hypocrite. What they aren’t saying is how the searches can all be relatively easily affected and altered basically it could be done by 1 individual with 100 cell phones and that’s just 1 person and who knows if that was your job you could easily have all that info programmed into a computer to do it. The point is it could be 200 Cell phones and there are huge public relations firms that have thousands of employees doing this!  Starting to Get the picture More on this as time goes by. Not that anyone cares or maybe everyone already knows this about fake news and Paid for searches and thinks its all good and that’s okay that couldn’t be happening? Could it?
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Serena Williams
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#3 you know its a very slow news day when they start talking about what a tennis player was wearing at the French Open. And we also know its started by a Paid Search and all the other press releases related to it, The French Open that is. BTW the French Open is actually happening in France and they don’t care about it over there. In fact if you looked at the Daily Search Trends for France you wouldn’t know they were even having the French open in France. So what does that tell you?? It tells you no one cares enough to pay for a Paid for search in France because they either aren’t stupid enough to fall for it or smart enough not to spend any money on anything relating to a Google Search.
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#4 in the Paid for Daily Trends lol the Bruins won and are leading 1-0 in the NHL Stanley Cup Final If you care to know it’s the Boston Bruins playing the St. Louis Blues for the Stanley Cup.
The game itself gives me a headache so here are some interviews to hopefully make it more interesting..
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#5 definitely a paid for search. It is a search caused by a scare mongering tactic, tactics which for a while were working less and less. Scare tactics worked very well before the internet but now with so much fake news and no one really stopping to think or doing any real research, this one and others like it may work.The search for “Justice” and the obfuscation of the search results pertaining to how “justice” relates to abortion and the supreme court overturning Roe v Wade. Who else would care to search for the word “justice” with the result being a scare story about abortion? That is crazy and has to be a Paid for Search but paid for by who is the question we should be asking ourselves.
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Murph Workout
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#6 how did this even get here. I guess they could only afford enough to be #6 for an hour or two and we picked 8pm because its not even on the list now at 9:30pm But maybe it was because the put the word Memorial day contest in it?
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Tornado warning
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#7 yes good old mother nature is warming up and trying to get rid of all the fleas on its back! This is probably the real #1 but you never know these days. Please just don’t take too many of these searches for real, at least the ones from Google this is not a popularity contest paid for by whoever has the most money or is it??? We here at think google should just admit it and have 2 search engines. Googles for entertainment purposes only search engine and the “Top 40 Search” which is based on reality. If you can ever believe anything is real ever again. Thanks Google you really did it this time.
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