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MacKenzie Bezos
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#1 most searched for but is old news before it happened. Mackenzie Bezos got half in the divorce from from her Ex Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos. She has so kindly and magnanimously deigned to give half of her billions away to Charity. And that is definitely a good thing before everyone else realizes that these greedy leeches have figured out a way to Game the system and got rich by rigging that system and getting away with it. Now I have heard that if all the money was spread out equally that the curve of how it ends up being dispersed throughout society would end up the same way it is now. And the way it is now is a small number of people have most of the wealth and more people live below poverty than ever before and everybody else in the middle is barely getting by or something along those lines. Its called the Lorenz curve and this may be true but it doesn’t take into account how many people are idiots and would probably give you their money if you asked and how many people are criminals and know how to game the system and ask the right questions and basically take advantage of said system at any cost. Apparently the result is always the same. The same could also be said for the sociopathy curve and how many psychos start out in the world is the same as how many rich people are in the world.LOL It also doesn’t take into account when the majority get fed up with the minority and just take it all away and redistribute it.. the wealth that is. BTW this is probably a real search.
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R.J. Hampton
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#2 this kid who doesn’t want to waste his time in college. You can go to college/school anytime. Because he is a basketball star and his dream is the NBA or basically making as much money as possible as soon as possible. College Basketball is definitely not the route if you want money ASAP. But the G-League is. Apparently the G-League is the NBA in partenrship with Gatorade’s Development league or Like Farm teams where players can get paid and learn more and are affiliated with a pro team like the Baseball Farm teams its a great idea  and at least they will pay the kid and he can get better and then perhaps go on to the NBA Draft or move on up to the team they are affiliated with.We heard this kid has elected to go pro in another country Australia an awesome country. We think this is a smart decision on his part. Especially considering we already think college is an over rated waste of time and money for the average student and especially for someone as talented as RJ Hampton who just wants to make money and go to the pros. Damn fine job Good Luck is behind you all the way.
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India vs Bangladesh
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#3 Good Lord more sports related searches on a non holiday weekday! We can hardly believe it and it’s for Cricket. I guess we have a lot of indians and bangladeshi’s living in america or perhaps it is just the internet and all this instant worldwide media that is making some of these “overlooked in america” for years sports that are extremely popular in other countries much more accessible to anyone with an internet connection. And I must say cricket is rather interesting to watch it takes a little bit to figure out what they are doing but it makes sense. And apparently makes sense to plenty of other people out there today living in the good old U.S. of A. Cricket the next big up and coming sport it’s definitely more interesting than Baseball, that’s for sure.
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America’s Got Talent
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#4 most searched for even if it is a paid for search just to tell us the same old news we already knew about all the new judges and Terry Crews in for Tyra Banks thats not new for season 14 or is it? I really dont know but since it seems like the same old same old to me, true fans will know the scoop. Simon Cowell is obviously in tune with what people like to watch and it is still one of the highest rated shows on TV. I think I never watch it for more than a minute or two but always find it refreshing and usually kind of interesting.So this is another one of those things its got such a PR machine behind it that pushes it so much it personally turns me off and makes me wonder do people really like it or are they just waiting for the next big thing or both probably. Needless to say it was on tonight or last night depending on when your reading this we will just say tuesday nights for now.
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Odubel Herrera
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#5 this guy is here because he was charged with “Simple Assault” whatever the hell that means I guess it wasnt that complicated he hit her she hit the digits on the phone and called 911 Now here he is a Nobody we never heard of Odubel Herrera from Venezuela they probably mistook him for a gang member. But he is actually on the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team but will now be on administrative league according to MLB Anything to get into the Top 40!
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#6 Whio Dayton Ohio TV station is now famous because of more tornadoes. It appears they have had more damage than any one place yet.


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#7 The gorilla who was shot and killed 3 years ago by some methhead zoo keeper. this is worse than any human dying why think about it. Humans are breeding like rabbits and are basically a virus on this planet. Killing one of the rarest animals in the world because of some stupid kid and his dope addict parents letting him walk off into the cage of the gorrilla who probably would have treated him like his own child. They are the ones that should be paying not to mention the speed freaks who were carrying the gun didnt they ever hear of tranquilizers and what about if it hit the kid what if the bullet hit the kid Jesus H Christ don’t get me going this totally pisses me off. Unfortunately our zoo’s are under funded and we need to be treating the entire earth like it is our zoo and every single sentient life on this planet is each and every one of our responsibilities except for those human Viruses. we need to kick them off the planet but oh yeah the planet itself will do that for us if we cant come to better terms with it than we have so far. It was so awful we wont show you but look it up if you must.
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