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#1 Most searched for today is a joke on the public that’s for sure. Our pin head politicians trying to get the best of each other. All I can say is PEOPLE WAKE UP! we don’t need the federal government anymore we need employees that work for the good of all the CITIZENS. There are better ways of handling things. Simply not having elections and making it mandatory to be in government office or No pay and every second of every day your on camera if it ever goes off and you don’t tell anyone we automatically assume you are breaking the law or something like that. Again It couldn’t be any worse than the travesty we now have. $30 million dollar reports that mean nothing say nothing and do nothing just so one side can get over on another side and nothing really happens. Pathetic, Someone Please elect the next ex con that runs for office it couldn’t get much worse. Here are a couple videos with a little different points of view which one do you like better?
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Europa League final
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#2 sports related when the game where the game who won the game Chelsea over Arsenal 4-1
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Tornado warning
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#3 Oh boy a warning means tornadoes have been sighted a watch simply means a tornado could develop or something like that basically it all means be aware and stay on the look out. Tornadoes can kill and they have been all across the U.S. and they are now entering the north east region of the U.S. that would really be awesome to see a tornado rip through manhattan I honestly dont think it would do that much damage except to some old brownstone but the skyscrapers wouldn’t feel a thing. But I wonder thats a good question “Top 40 it” that means search it on our search engine. it’s listed in the main menu. And Please B.O.L.O. for tornadoes LOL
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Death Stranding
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#4 Paid for Search no one would know or care to know about some completely new VIDEO GAME! OMG What’s that? I dont know couldnt tell you but here is a video and some inst-pics to pique your interest go out and pre-order 100 of them it will sell out for sure in no time NOT!
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Lori Loughlin
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#5 they told us already this was a reality show, with a fake ending in other words she wont go to jail for paying extra for her kids to go to college. Anyone who pays that much money and dosent get their name on a building is a complete idiot living in LA LA Land lol or on a fake news reality show lol or is it really real….
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Alex Trebek
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#6 This guy is old he’s had a great life and I know from experience it is worse on the friends and family (psychologically) than on the cancer patient themselves. Of course it takes all kinds some love the attention some are thrilled they can now get all the pain pills their little black heart desires. In fact I predict that is why everyone will soon have cancer so they can get pain pills and not have to worry about some hypocritical politician trying to arrest them or their Dr. that is the real tragedy
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Ashton Kutcher
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#7 most searched for “Gay-Devil” Douchebag. Poor little feller he thought they would throw him in jail because he did it and his fingerprints were on the Door Knob and that’s how he became the rich and famous serial thrill cartoon prankster. Yes because he said he would testify and say he didn’t do it, he made a deal with the devil and got off from being charged with the killings himself, blamed someone else and became rich and famous and yes that all lead up to his big break doing that MTV prankster show “Punk’d”. He is now going to rake in millions more from royalties from this “serial sexual thrill kill” inspired show.
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