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Call of Duty
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#1 most searched for today Call of Duty Modern Warfare. This is definitely a Paid for Search. But with as much money at stake well worth the minimal investment for Developer Infinity Ward. Needless to say we have nada to say about Video games as it is our opinion that we all live in one. So if your into single player shooter games that will be the focus of this reboot of a classic.
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USS John McCain
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#2 this one is so ridiculous it has to be another paid for search and when we say paid for we do mean there was an entire PR campaign built around this single topic for what I can only imagine, the premise of this ridiculous search is that and the “Navy confirmed to CNN Wednesday night that the White House Military Office asked lower-level US Navy officials about keeping the ship out of view. One of the Navy officials further clarified Thursday morning that the discussion included obscuring the ship or moving it, which was not practical because the ship was under repairs at the time.” Of course trump claims he had no idea about this and would never try to change the name of any warship. The whole thing is fake news but paid for by who and for what reason. We can think of a few reasons on either side of the political aisle about why they would do this but it’s really not worth discussing. But if you’d really like to know what I think about it Message top40 from the dashboard and ask me. In the meantime here are a vid and some lovely inst-pics of the USS John McCain.
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Arnav Gupta
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#3 this guy set himself on fire at t the Ellipse, a tourist-filled 52-acre public park that sits north of the Washington Monument, around 12:20 p.m. Wednesday. He was rushed to the hospital and died today. This man Arnav Gupta was obviously insane but gave us all a really good show. We send our condolences but aren’t terribly upset about some psycho who burst into orange flames. Video and Inst-pics to follow……
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Leon Redbone
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#4 this guy died and was a  singer musician who Bob Dylan liked and if you werent born in the last century you probably never heard of either of these musicians. He did a couple tv show theme songs and a duet with zooey deschannel for the movei Elf. Leon Redbone again is dead according to his family. We send our condolences.
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Tiger Woods
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#5 totally a paid for search basically it is for Tiger Woods charity TGR. Since this is a charity it is relatively boring and the main point of interest was “Dave Gilbert was the man who offered the winning amount to be Tiger Woods Caddy, surpassing the $ 50,000 paid by Jim Williams last year to be Tiger’s Caddy during the pro-am golf tournament, Hero World Challenge that took place in the Bahamas.Gilbert will take over the bag of clubs instead of Woods’ regular caddy, Joe LaCava, in the pro-am Hero World Challenge tournament, which will be held later this year. Each year, Tiger Woods hosts this event in Las Vegas where the auction is held and money is raised for his foundation, which focuses on promoting educational and youth development programs.
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Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics
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#6 Jacklyn Hill cosmetic who is a “Youtube” influencer whatever that is I suppose she has her own youtube channel and gives beauty tips and talks about cosmetics. Apparently the new line has lots of nude colors whatever that is. We dont know much about cosmetics but like the nUde colors part. Here is the Video and Instapics….
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Cricket World Cup
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#7 rounding out todays top 7 and BTW top 40 is just our name but we do like to round things out to the Top 40 and again it takes a weeks worth of picks to make a total of 40 or more and we do always have 40 or more picks for each and every week. Now on to this what may be the only actual search in todays top searches except for maybe #3 Arnav Gupta the Guy who light himself on fire he was crazy or on hallucinogenics according to some cops. We are confident all of the others were paid for searches IE: Fake News or whatever you want to call it we call it Top40’s Most Searched for on. And all we can say about this search is England won by 104 runs and its definitely more exciting than baseball and we are glad to see more of it, Cricket that is my good man..

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