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#1 OMG Paid for Search because if it’s not then I am way out of touch or just hanging with the wrong crowd. I only know a couple of people that admit to playing golf and they are old or work as groundskeepers. Still Golf is so damn boring. But if your good at it you can travel around and make lots of money, that’s the only redeeming value but then I guess that’s what most people think is redeeming “Money” Right? or wait a minute I’m talking crazy again the world is not that materialistic is it??? But I do wish my backyard looked like a golf course don’t you?
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Edith Gonzalez
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#2 is a What and Who Paid for search or maybe again I’m just hanging with the wrong crowd. Edith Gonzalez only played in spainish soap operas as far as I know. So how does she get into the Top 40 list. She’s Dead that’s how. Our condolences to friends and family.
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PlayStation Network
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#3 Definitely a Paid for search lets face it getting onto the Top 40 the Future of History Most searched for list is the best way to get free publicity. But they paid for it so how is it free well they didn’t pay me they paid google. Besides nobody uses the service but if you do it’s DOWN. Sony has money but not from the Palystation network So just go onto steam or Twitch or whatever that other network is. Or is Playstation Network really that Good? Anybody? Playstation?
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Instagram Down
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#4 They were down in the U.S. and a few other countries but are back up now we hope. Because we use Instagram and so do a lot of other people. It used to really bother me when things like instagram were down but not anymore. I really can find other things to do Like make up your own list on this website thats an idea. You can make it like Instagram or Facebook we are very versatile.
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Sarah Sanders
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#5 the current whitehouse spokesperson will be leaving at the end of the month to go work at her Grandfathers restaurant KFC. Just kidding she isnt related to Col. Sanders but does think she might run for governor of Arkansas not Kentucky Oh Well to bad for her.
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Hatch Act
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#6 This should be called the arbitrary bullshit act.  This act is so full of BS we cant begin to go into how stupid it really is. But what it says in a nutshell is if you work for someone in politics you cant actually advocate for them non the company dime. Lets face it the only time you hear about this is when the other side doesn’t like someone and they cant find any real crimes to charge them with pathetic. Do these look like violations to you….
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India vs New Zealand
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#7 Oh Lord Not India vs: New Zealand you know waht we think about sports related searches but we only report the facts as distorted as they may be coming from Google. Here are some highlights and Insti-pics. Considering it was washed out we are happy with that.





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