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British Open
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#1 British Open total Paid for search. Golf is fun enough to play. Its boring as hell to watch. Its basically an old mans game and there is a lot of money to be made playing it. Probably more Prize money available to Golfers than any other sport. We just arent sold on promoting golf Tournaments like the  British Open. All we can say is Paid for Search and hopefully this is the only time we will see it this week. Videos, leaderboards and Insti-Pics here is one from Porthurst N. Ireland or whatever its called……
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Kyoto Animation
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#2 A crazy and sad story Kyoto Animation most famous for animating a world renowned tv series affectionately know as Kyoani whatever that is. I have to say we have never heard of it. Needless to say some crazy guy walked in and pired gas or something on the floorin the lobby and lite it on fire. Shouting “YOu DIe as flames erupted he was burned as he tried to get out and 33 of the 67 employees who couldnt all died. All the police can say is the crazy man who started the fire said they stole his ideas! Yeah Crazy here is some video of the building and fire and some insti-pics of the show….
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Ilhan Omar
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#3 Ilhan Omar is a Racist and a terrorist! She and her like use terrorist tactics to try to achieve their goals. She has spewed anti semitic statements and is being hounded by the president of the United States who told her to go back to her crime infested neighborhood and fix the rampant crime their! She didint like that and tried to tell everyone he is racist. is of the opinion that if you even say the word racist then you are the one trying to stir up racist sentiment and supposedly ill feelings about it. Racism is not good for anyone but is also of the opinion that different races ultimately cannot get along and that either #1 interbreeding will end up making everyone look basically the same 2. That there will be race wars and only the strong will survive. 3. the human race will end and only the ones that escape to space or another planet will survive if any.
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Top Gun 2
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#4 Top Gun 2  WTF is that? Top Gun was so long ago half the people who saw it are dead or too old to remember or care. The rest weren’t born yet. So Top Gun 2 which could be called anything but since the first one was awful IMHO this one Top Gun 2 couldnt be much better. Unless you like flying supersonic jets in the desert, the military and Love Stories. If so your probably Gay! Which is good if you like that kind of thing or your just really happy to see a remake of Top Gun then Top Gun 2 should be AWESOME for you!
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Tiger Woods
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#5 Tiger Woods, we have nothing to say about this millionaire misogynist drug addict. But who could blame him it was in his DNA, poor thing. He’s really good at golf though and rich and famous so we forgive him and we are really worried about his health he looks awful.
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Secret Obsession
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#6 Secret Obsession Paid for Search but we are all for new content from Netflix. Even if it is a Paid for Search. We could be like Google and say pay us a $1 million dollars and you too can be #1 on our list! Or pay us $ 500 thousand dollars and you can be #6
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Cats movie
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#7 Even Taylor Swift is getting into the Game of creating video content longer than 4 minutes like most of her songs which have generally been well received this one Cats Movie is up to you. Let us know what you think here is a video and some insti-pics…..
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