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ASAP Rocky
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#1 ASAP Rocky is a Lucky sack of Sh!#! His music sounds like everyone else’s and he was detained on orders from Trump in Sweden. But he did fight back if someone was harrassing me on the street I dont think I would keep walking I would call a car or the cops this was OBVIOUSLY A PLANNED PUBLICITY STUNT This is Trumps warped way to get the Black community on his side well it wont work and he will probably loose more votes because of it. He looks like he is starting to get Alzheimers. He really needs to keep his press conferences to the early morning. ASAP Rocky will be fine and now all this national publicity should help sell more of his music. Our President at work and Courtesy of your tax dollars, HOW SWEET!
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#2 Tay-K Who? Never heard of this one. IMHO people who murder should be murdered. No take backs no chances to get out of jail and kill again. Because it happens all the time. At we think that every human should be required to wear a video recorder when they are out in public if they don’t they go to jail. For a month. Believe me if the prisons are worried about how they are going to keep full start passing laws like “Must wear Video recorders in public or go straight to jail” The cops should especially be required to wear them. Seriously though the murderers should be shot and killed by Firing Squad! That is most humane and I beleive would really cut down on murder. Accidents are one thing but planned murders happen way to often. Its ridiculous but you can get more time for a drug offense than killing someone. Our society is very screwed up but it could be a lot worse. Just ask the folks from Venezuela or the Sudan!
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#3 Eugenia Cooney never heard of her either. The things you learn  and people you meet online its just so eye opening wink wink! Eugenia Cooney has Anorexia?  OH My! You will never convince me that most of these people are not drug addicts IMHO Anorexia is an excuse for drug addiction. Now there are those I’m sure that are really crazy and just stop eating for various psychological reasons but this isn’t one of them. But if you like to watch videos of people who look like they have AIDs or are dying from cancer watch this video and Insti-pics. Some people will do anything for publicity…….
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Belle Delphine
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#4 Belle Delphine now this poor thing has gotten herself kicked off Instagram. believes that is a violation of free speech. But rules are rules however they seem to be pretty arbitrary in enforcing them. I would have to say she is welcome on we basically will allow anything like this. As long as it’s not violent or hurting any persons or animals. We are fine with a Matter of fact I’m sure she can get plenty of followers on her very own channel or website or TV show Make it and they will watch they’ll find it too. Just Top40 search it! BTW Ill be glad to produce it. Call me, In the meantime this guy has a handle on the whole thing watch and learn (sponsors accepted)…
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Tyreek Hill
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#5 Tyreek Hill had been accused of child abuse. Which was probably a lie and he was cleared. ANd rthe chiefs are not going to suspend him all we can say is watch the company you keep.  But that gets back to my point of everyone having to have a video recorder in public. I mean it has gotten so bad people using all these terrorist type tactics of simply accusing someone of abuse from last year or 20 years ago. These days unless they have concrete or video proof we should just ignore crap like that. feels that we should live in the present not keep digging up the past to try to make a point or to destroy it THOSE ARE TERRORIST TACTICS and should be outlawed.
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Krispy Kreme
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#6 Krispy Kreme oh Thank God! ( does not believe in gods or any old timey religion we just like to say God a lot) Especially when it come to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and how to get a dozen for a dollar.Its Krisp Kreme’s Birthday they are 82. Yeah you have to buy a dozen at full price then you can get another dozen for a dollar! WOOHOO!
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Billy Eichner
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#7 Billy Eichner we never heard of this guy either. But he is hilarious as timon the meerkat in the newest Lion King. Allthough I really dont care for people who feign awe or being scared of someone. Especially Meghan Merkle, People are People there all mostly the same so we will let that one slide. Oh well it’s the Timon and Pumbaa show in the new Lion King go see it for sure, those two are hilarious…..
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