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Fortnite event
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#1 Fortnite Event #1Paid For Search to date and a very low Threshold of votes gives us the “Fortnite Event”! Okay Im going to try to be a pandering positive talking suck a$$ and say Fortnite Event It was Totally Awesome if you haven’t seen it you just have to! Its like watching qa movie within a game. It actually almost makes me want to pick up my old joystick.  Here is a Video and insti-pics all about it….
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Consumers Energy
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#2 Well if you live in Michigan and you depend on Consumers Energy for your electricity needs you could be out of luck. Thanks to the storm that rolled through last nite and very early today they claim over 155,000 people do not have power and consider the whole state is a ghetto this just makes it better. Seriously though if you paid your bill and you don’t have electricity chances are you wont for a few days you might try calling 2-1-1 they will tell you for sure if you do or don’t have power, how helpful. But if you have a chance to sell your house and move into the middle of the country more that would be a good idea. God just doesn’t like Michigan or Consumers Energy Of course we are just kidding Consumers Energy says they are working 24/7 to restore your power.
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Lee Westwood
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#3 Lee Westwood Great way to keep it all in the family Lee Westwood the leading golfer at todays British Open. Well his caddy is also his girlfriend. Oh We are so glad to hear all the wonderful family news coming from the British Open. Meanwhile Lee Westwoods wife watches from Michigan Thank God the power went out there.
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Chester Bennington
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#4 Chester Bennington Fans honor him on the anniversary of his suicide. How thoughtful of them. Of course the band who hasnt been the same asked them to share memories of him on Twitter.
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#5 Real Madrid plays again against Bayern Munich to Promote the International Cup Live from Houston Texas. They must really love soccer down there.
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Kathy Zhu
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#6 Kathy Zhu 2019’s Miss Michigan was stripped of her title and crown by the terrorist organization Miss World America. They claim Kathy Zhu made insensitive remarks about muslims and Blacks Miss World America being a terrorist organization also don’t believe in free speech. Miss Kathy Zhu, forgives you we know you didn’t want to be part of that racist and terrorist organization anyway. Feel free to comment on our website any way you’d like. This Guy seems to know what the situation is all about listen up……
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