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National Ice Cream Day
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#1 National Ice Cream Day Go to Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen in Louisville Ky. order Peace, Love & Chocolate then eat some about an hour before you want to go to sleep. You’ll be glad you did. It’s my favorite National Ice Cream Day and Peace, Love & Chocolate.
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Roy Halladay
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#2 Roy Halladay Who? never heard of him but since he was a professional baseball player and he died flying his plane everyone feels sorry for him and inducts him into the baseball hall of fame. How Sweet they’ll let anyone in that place.You know the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown New York. And oh yeah his wife gave the speech even sweeter….
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Juventus vs Tottenham
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#3 Juventus vs Tottenham Soccer Sports Realted which simply means they get twice as many searches becaus eof people trying to find the game online. Needless to say Juventus vs Tottenham Tottenham wins it in this pre season match and mainly a god forsaken PAID FOR SEARCH Google is a total Sell out!

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Star Trek: Picard
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# 4 Star Trek: Picard will premiere in 2020 in Trek on CBS all access and it all come out at this years Comic Con Star Trek: Picard Here is a news clip and the trailer.
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Tessa Thompson
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#5 Gay Alert Tessa Thompson to play first fully open LGBTQ marvel superhero in the sequel to Thor. OMG she’d better get a good attorney because they will be lining up to sue her sorry a$$ LOL! Here are all the Gays at Comic Con. I always knew you had to be gay to like Thor Just Kidding LOL Seriously its completely True Ahhhh ha ha ha ha!!! See for your self…….They all look very GAY to me ahhh ha ha ha ha!!!
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