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Mr. Rogers
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#1 Sell Out Search. Mr. Rogers please tell us what is really the #1 search on Google today. That is the information people really want to know. Not some Paid for Search of people looking for Mr.Rogers that’s you! And this movie could make up to 50 million considering it only cost a couple million to make will be a good investment but we don’t think it will get a thumbs up from us.
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Puerto Rico
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#2 Puerto Rico we predict The Governor Carlo A Rossello will resign within the week.BTW Puerto Rico dont go there, its a slum the U.S. should only give it minimal help and consider turning it into a prison state.
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Tom Brady
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#3 This is a ridiculous search shouldn’t even be on this list.At least not for Tom Brady shaming! Tom Brady can jump off the roof into the pool at my house anytime he wants to.
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Cole Sprouse
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#4 Cole SProuse just glad he went to Comic-Con which BTW was in San diego this year really who cares and Who cares that he broke up with Lili Rinehart his costar who just happened to be on our list a couple of days ago. This is definitely a paid for search by who exactly IT40 is not sure. But we guess the PR agents for Cole and Lili will get a bonus this month.
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Boris Johnson
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#5 Boris Johnson headlines say he will likely be the next Prime Minister of the UK. All we can say is he cant be any worse than the last twit they had and we can also say without any equivocation he is as corrupt as they come. All politicians are and he is one of the biggest. The United States and The UK’s citizens really need to take a long hard look at where our prospective countries are heading and with todays technology we no longer need Politicians like this, what we need are employees that do the work and we the citizens can vote on everything ourselves.
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#6 Pansexual Bella Thorne reveals she is one. OMG like we didnt know she was a freak already. But Pansexual is actually better than Bisexual or Homosexual because those two put way too much emphasis on SEX whereas Pansexual supposedly means more like you like anybody for who they are not just for sex. Considering we IE Humans dont really need sex anymore to have kids this is good news. I guess I’m Pansexual too. Good Luck Bella Thorne ttyl
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