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Maxim Dadashev v’s Subriel Matias
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#1 Death Search Maxim Dadashev v’s Subriel Matias yes after the boxing Maxim Dadashev died. Oh My you say from what you may ask? From getting hit on the head to hard too many times. Now that is the kind of boxing match I like to see. The ultimate price paid for by Maxim Dadashev v’s Subriel Matias. Maxim Dadashev is Dead. See for yourself the Entire fight is on video below. Our condolences go out to his friends and family.
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Barcelona vs Chelsea
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#2 Barcelona vs Chelsea, Chelsea wins this of course was a sports related search and Boring. Watch the highlight video and some Insti-pics…..
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#3 Tay-K Gets 55 years in prison for murder. I really shouldn’t watch the national news before I write my Top 40 list summaries it causes me to be very skeptical. When will we as a society learn there are already too many people on the planet. We should either thank this kid and give him a pass. Or take him out back and put him in front of the firing squad immediately. I don’t want my tax dollars paying to keep murderers alive for anoother second it ‘s not worth the price we will ultimately have to pay. Not too mention most criminals continue to commit crimes once they are out. Secondly Prison is like a vacation for most of these dimwits, believe me I know. So if you vote to let him out in 50 years we will build an ex-cons home in your neighborhood next. BTW Dont go to Ft. Worth it is literally filled with murderers.
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Brandon Theesfeld
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#4 You should see this little rich white boys dad He is a Fat Doctor and says his kid is innocent. Well maybe he is but who cares, He probably killed some poor white girl at Ole Miss. Have you heard about this one yet. Yeah they found her body next to some lake 20 miles from the ole miss campus they were both students at ole miss. Another thing about my Top 40 lists I assume you may have allready heard about some of these but I should realize you probably havent so you might watch the videos first for a lot of these items. I try to fill you in on as much as I can stomach telling you. Suufice it to say the Kid is Guilty and JUst like Tay-K should be lined up in front of the firing squad ASAP! All I can say is if your rich or white or famous and your just dying to get on Googles Daily Trends or Top40’s The Future of History List just go out and commit murder, the trick is you have to get caught. Just kidding we deplore violence and murder and Blame it all on Google Search! We are Serious about that one! That it is all Google Search’s fault because it is they who Glorify Death and Violence We just report what they report!. Ft Worth baby the Murderer capitol of the world that’s really not funny if you know anybody from Ft Worth Texas run away! LOL! Seriously Run Fast…..
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Cape Cod tornado
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#5 Awesome Cape Cod Tornado! Just watch the Video and then look at some tornado pics. Cape Cod Tornado. We predict that the entire coast of the United States will be under water within the next 5-10 years. The weather is just helping speed this along. Its called Climate Change or Global Warming and it is a natural cycle that we cant stop but we could surely slow it down a bit. All we can really say is get used to it!! Global Warming More Stronger Storms Higher Water levels on all the worlds coasts you know the usual……..
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Quentin Tarantino
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#6 Yeah he can write and direct we understand thats why he is not an actor. All though we think he should quit after this Movie 9 is a really really good number. We will all be glad if this is your lat movie You know that one that is in theater’s now whats it called..something Hollywood  something something. Well we can definitely say we wont be seeing it or recommending you to go see it unless you really like trash.
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Zion Williamson
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#7 Who? Zion Williamson Who? Whoever he is we think it’s sports related and a definite Paid for search. Because he already has a contract with Nike’s Jordan Brand shoes which means it must be basketball. All we can say is we hope he is worth it. But he already got paid so we shall see. I already forgot what we were talking about.
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