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Mueller testimony
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#1 First of all the early start to the testimony leads me to believe Mueller is in the early stages of alzheimers. Mueller Testimony finally the lunkheads at Google added Mueller Testimony to the list it didnt happen till around 7:30pm. Google doesn’t like to get into politics (HA HA THATS A JOKE Google gave more money to politicians than any other business ever) in their Daily Trends list but that’s why they need another REAL LIST a list called the Top 40’s the Future of History a list of what people are really searching for and what is really #1 Today. And what is #1 today is definitely the Mueller Testimony. IMHO it is a most definitely a Witch Hunt the dems can try to say whatever they want but its been 2 years and if they were really trying to go after the Russians they did a piss poor job of it. ALL POLITICIANS ARE GREEDY MANIPULATIVE LYING SCUM AND SHOULD ALL BE IMPEACHED. WE CITIZENS SHOULD BE ABLE TO HIRE EMPLOYEES WE CAN FIRE AT WILL AND THAT WORK FOR MINIMUM WAGE. POLITICS and POLITICIANS ARE WHAT IS WRONG WITH AMERICA NO QUESTIONS ABOUT IT!!
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Rutger Hauer
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#2 Death Search was #1 all day until 7:30 when someone at google woke up out of a drunken stupor because of #3. Needless to say Rutger Hauer is dead. Rutger Hauer was a movie star best known for being the android in Bladerunner he was 75. Our condolences go out to Rutger Hauer’s friends and family.
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National Tequila Day
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#3 National Tequila Day yes that disgusting crap you drink that makes you feel funny and is completly legal until you drink too much and kill someone or yourself which is fine with me. National Tequila Day we don’t care much about National Tequila Day or Tequila or alcohol for that matter. FYI it ruin’s more lives than any opiate ever has. Here is a link to Newsweek’s idea of a best of Tequila list. In honor of National Tequila Day!
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#4 TSLA WTF is TSLA it is the stock symbol for Tesla the auto company that billionaire bunghole owns. Yeah you know him Elon Musk. They had $6.4 billion or so in revenue but at a loss of $1.12 per share but are sitting on $5 billion in cash WhateverTF that means. So go buy a Tesla from TSLA or any electric car for that matter you’ll be glad you did. OMG this guy in the picture is cute but he sounds like an IDIOT! The other guy at least he can talk…….
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Bindi Irwin
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#5 Bindi Irwin OMG she’s engaged to Chandler Powell. Paid for search for sure we just wonder what she’s selling? Probably those animal videos her dad was so popular for. Hmmmm……
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Juventus vs Inter Milan
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#6 Juventus vs Inter Milan Sports related soccer search. Ho Hum some foreign soccer teams I couldnt care less about but coming in at Good old #6 Juventus vs Inter Milan
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Anne Hathaway
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#7 Anne Hathaway always selling herself, but that’s what you gotta do today in the rough and tumble world of movie stardom. This time we think she said she is preggers. Oh yeah HA AH in the caption of a photo showing her baby bump “Its Not for a Movie” No but it is for selling one and that’s any movie she’s in. But we cant hold that against her. A girl’s gotta make a living!
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