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#1 Jeffery Epstein Why do we care about this guy? We are embarrassed to even put this person on our list  Jeffery Epstein. Google tells us what to do once again Google fails. The only thing we need to know is where the guy ends up if he actually lives through his prison stay. This latest attempt of a Fake suicide, Jeffery Epstein is getting desperate. But I maintain he never forced anyone to do anything Money Talks up until you get a bunch of Hypocritical lying politicians in charge. And your a friend of the president. What a bunch of crap it wouldn’t be so bad but everyone including Dick Wolf of Law and Order has known about this guy for decades. Up until the Democrats got really desperate It just seems very coincidental.
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Steve Ballmer
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#2 Steve Ballmer it must be another slow day in Google search engine land. Steve Ballmer the owner of the Clippers screaming at a press conference how great his team will be next year. Paid for Search Sports related Search How much more could we ask for. Google What was really the #1 search today? Epstein? Sad very sad! But Ballmer OMG he is either Awesome or an Awesome Douchebag but he definitely likes his team The Clippers Steve Ballmer is PUMPED?? We just love that little squeek in his voice it pumps us up just to listen………
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Zombieland 2
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#3 Zombieland 2 we remember when Zombieland came out. We waited till it was on video. Zombieland 2 actually called Zombieland Double Tap We assume it will be in theaters soon watch this trailer to see if you think it will be worth it……
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Peppa Pig height
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#4 Peppa Pig Height We never heard of Peppa Pig Height but its actually just Peppa Pig a cartoon character. The search term Peppa Pig Height was because of someone on twitter with the handle @Memeulous supposedly caused it to grow viral and we are certain this was a Paid for search. Not too mention whoever picks the actual Daily Trends at google’s kids must have asked their mom or dad this very same question..NOT no one did its a made up Paid for search but its #4 on our list today Peppa Pig Height!!!! But here is Charlotte Dobre from IO thats Inform Overload we like this one….
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Lorenzen Wright
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#5 Lorenzen Wright a 10 year old murder is resolved. Lorenzen Wright’s ex wife pleads guilty here is a news clip and some old insti-pics of Lorenzen Wright.
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Lori Harvey
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#6 Lori Harvey on a stroll with Sean P. Diddy Combs or whatever his name is. Well there is definitely no accounting for taste. They were both wearing lovely matching clown outfits very sad. Oh yeah Lori Harvey is Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter she definitely looks hot. But needs some new clothes and a new boyfriend as we said earlier there is no accounting for taste. Lori Harvey is probably doing it for the publicity he is doing it because he just cant help himself. I don’t blame him this girl is HOT!!!!
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Tottenham vs Man United
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#7 Tottenham vs Man United Sports Related and seemingly the new year round worldwide favorite sport Soccer No doubt Tottenham vs Man United. Man United Won the match. Tottenham vs Man United. Here are the highlights and Insti-pics from Tottenham vs Man United
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