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Vissel Kobe vs Barcelona
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#1 Vissel Kobe vs Barcelona boring a$$ Sports Related search. Vissel Kobe vs Barcelona BTW Barcelona won it. Since this is such a boring a$$ search day we are going to spice it up by saying to anyone who cares the only racists are the ones accusing everyone else of being a racist. People we have got to find a way to get rid of these insane politicians. Plus Vissel Kobe vs Barcelona what kind of a name is Vissel Kobe? Awful they will loose every game until they get a new name.
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Camila Morrone
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#2 Camila Morrone Who? Camila Morrone just another pretty face currently dating Leonardo Dicaprio until he gets bored they get married or he dies. But we have video and Insti-pics no nudes sorry guys thats reserved for his fairy tale highness. She is rather Hot in a cute pedophile kind of way. Personally I would have to meet her Mother before I made any serious commitments Just kidding she is Hot and seems intelligent and thoughtful I would love to meet her and her boyfriend any day. All those meanies are just jealous don’t you worry little baby you’ll be okay.
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Golden Tate
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#3 Golden Tate is tarnished. Golden Tate is more like copper plate tate. He got banned for taking banned substances and then claimed it was for his infertility? What a joke, now in Golden Tate’s favor he supposedly did inform the team of all this when he found out what he was taking prescribed by the Fertility Doctor” Well four games is nothing and unless he is really in debt and owes the Drug Dealer er excuse me Fertility Doctor a lot of money he should be fine either way. Needless to say Golden Tate is appealing the decision. Good Luck Golden Tate, but ypur already overpaid and not worth the trouble youll be gone soon anyway….
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Mike Daniels
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#4 Mike Daniels Who? Mike Daniels any relation to Jack Daniels?
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Egan Bernal
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#5 Egan Bernal is winning the Tour De France. Egan Bernal is from Colombia he must be used to all the high altitude practice in Colombia not to mention all the coca leaves thats not banned in Colombia is it? Who knows just ask Egan Bernal he knows he is from Colombia and is predicted to win the Tour De France, here is some video to show you……
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Grasshopper Invasion Las Vegas
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#6 Grasshopper Invasion Las Vegas oh good lord no not a Grasshopper Invasion Las Vegas it’s the end of the world as we know it and the end of this list for today.



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