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#1 F1 Slow day in Top40 land. Boring A$$ F1 Paid for search. F1 is as big a loser as Nascar. It is so boring watching cars race around on an oval track. At least F1 isnt oval. The main goal is to see how dizzy you can get before you get drunk.  F1 is basically the refined Hillbillies excuse to get drunk.
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Jeremy Lin
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#2 Jeremy LIn OMG this cry baby has been How much did he make last year? Only $69,358 the league minimum. Poor baby Keep crying there is a job for that its called suicide here is a prevention handbook or just Call 1-800-273-8255. They will get you staightened out you poor little Cry Baby. Go back to the Rat infested neighborhood you came from. LOL thats my impression of Donald Trump did you get it “Go Back to where you came from” that’s a racist remark……
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Shark Week
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#3 Shark Week now here is something we can really sink our teeth into.  Shark Week poor little fishies they always get a bad rap buthey are just play toys for the Killer Whale all you have to do is turn them on their backs and rub their bellies they will fall right into a trance like sleep then you gut them. See Poor Babies We like Shark Week. Wer like all sharks they are just God’s creatures if you believe that kind of thing. Ive got some oil rights to sell you. What? Shark Week just watch the video it is a great video we also like video of fish and the ocean depths and look at the insti-pics….
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Taryn Manning
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#4 Taryn Manning OMG another cry baby says that starring on Orange is the new black hurt her career. It hurt your career because you couldn’t act your way out of a paper bag. Here you go Taryn Manning Call 1-800-273-8255 on second thought dont bother calling your right, orange is the new black ruined your career beyond repair nothing can help you now. Go ahead and cry, better yet jump!
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Robert Nkemdiche
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#5 Robert Nkemdiche Who? What? Another Loser on today’s list of Losers. Robert Nkemdiche, Defensive end Robert Nkemdiche, a first-round pick for the Cardinals in 2016, was released by Arizona on Saturday evening after just his second day at training camp. Who would have thought after he fell out of that 4th story hotel room with a bag of Pot. We all thought he was right as rain. And with that $400,000 dollar clause he gets if he is still in training camp on his 5th day? Poor Loser Dope Head, Kids this is what happens if you do Drugs you become a loser. Never do Drugs just sell them to others that do them, you can get rich that way. Just ask any Pharmaceutical sales rep or your neighborhood dealer.
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