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Kelly McGillis
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#1 Kelly McGillis Paid for Search and Complete BS. Kelly McGillis  #1 because of  another Loser Remake. Sorry Kelly McGillis you didnt get asked some people just age better some people just want to and play the game better. Kelly McGillis is a loser on all three of those counts. We also say Top Gum Maverick is another loser. But see for yourself or don’t We couldnt care less. But we have to report what Google tell’s us to and for some reason Kelly McGillis is the #1 search term today. Just watch the video and it will become obvious why they didn’t ask her to be in the movie.
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Joshua Harris
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#2 Joshua Harris Who? Joshua Harris a total hypocrite not completely. Joshua Harris supposedly was formerly some big mega church Evangelical pastor of “Covenant Life Church” in maryland which we have also never heard of. Joshua Harris wrote some big book about how bad the dating scene in america is and it is what causes divorce. He of course wrote a bunch of other BS and is a PR Marketing manager now. Because Joshua Harris Divorced his wife and renounced his faith. Boy that guy is a smart ass douche bag. Well now we all know Joshua Harris is only half a hypocrite but he has a good job is wealthy and single. Girls he lives in Vancouver the New White Capitol of the world OMG let’s Go! He is still a douchebag and not very good at marketing seriously he thinks people care about him so do yourself a favor dont watch this video….
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Brooks Koepka
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#3 Brooks Koepka boring a$$ Sports Related golfer who just won the “World Golf Championships-FedEx St. Jude Invitational in Memphis” yes its a sports related search and he is a good looking rich white guy but all we can think of is his girlfriend Jena Sims and her wardrobe malfunction. Just a picture of her a$$ is worth the look. We dont normally add pictures but we couldnt help ourselves this one time. But we also added the Video and insti-pics from Jena Sims account not Brooks Koepka He only plays golf.
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National Chicken Wing Day
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#4 National Chicken Wing Day BS Paid for search but click the link and follow it to free chicken wings. Personally I dont eat meat and only feed it to my dog Lacey. She loves it. National Chicken Wing Day
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Democratic debate schedule
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#5 Democratic debate schedule the only reason I would watch is to see a bunch of lying racist scum. Democratic debate schedule is should be called the Democratic Liars Club or the Democratic Fight Night they might get more viewers.




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Meteor shower tonight
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#6 Meteor Shower Tonight Ho Hum Yeah if they put it on TV I might watch a couple minutes but all I want to know is when the big one comes Please give us a few days notice. But if your interested and If weather conditions permit, and depending on your location, people may see around 25 meteors per hour thanks to the dueling meteor showers, the southern Delta Aquariids and alpha Capricornids, lighting up the night sky.
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Bachelorette finale
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#7 Bachelorette Finale another one we are not interested in and KNow this is a Paid for search. otherwise it would not be on this list you can thank Google for that. Bachelorette Finale Hannah Brown looks like a Pot Heads dream date or maybe some lucky chump. But from what I hear all they male contestants are so desperate and weak half of them dumped girlfriends thay claimed to love just to be on this show. Bachelorette Finale the height of hypocrisy IMHO but might be a good watch if your 13.
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Andrew Golden
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#8 Andrew Golden this guy killed 4 people. How in the hell did he even get out of prison? Well he died in a car crash but how in the hell did he get out or more like why in the hell did he get out? We do not need people like this alive at all on our planet. We are already overpopulated on second thought we should give the guy a medal and send him on a paid vacation for 10 years so he can get out and do it again Maybe he can kill 8 or 12 more next time. People wake up!
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