Old Town Road
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#1 Old Town Road this just proves you don’t have to be really good to be #1 for 17 weeks which is a new world record beating out Mariah Carey and Boys II Men another song I though sucked Big Time!  What it proves is that you must have a good beat, interesting lyrics and most importantly IMHO have a lot of Really Good PR People because this song sucks too! What that also proves is that I am not going to break any records selling the kind of music I like to listen to! Personally this song is good and all music tastes and styles are cyclical a lot of it is luck and timing. So go on Buy that Copy of Old Town Road you can tell all your friends your just like them your not a racist you like LiL Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus too How Sweet……
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#2 Katy Perry On another note your average Jurors Don’t have a clue what Good music really is or what the rule of law is. They honestly need to re think this one about the case against Katy Perry here is what happend in court today  “A Los Angeles jury has ruled that Katy Perry‘s 2013 hit “Dark Horse” featuring Juicy J infringed on the 2008 rap song “Joyful Noise” by Christian rapper Flame featuring Lecrae and John Reilly. In a unanimous decision handed down on July 29, the jurors decided that the beat of Perry’s smash hit improperly copied the beat of the Christian rap song, creating a perfect storm of copyright infringement” Yeah they all sound the same to me this is ridiculous and they either had some really damning evidence or people really don’t know or care about the law or precedence. It definitely wont help the Big Stars, but it will help ex Crack Heads like Flamer, Lecrae and John Reilly.
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Real Madrid vs Tottenham
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#3 Real Madrid vs Tottenham Tottenham won in this Soccer Sports Related Search Lets hear it for Real Madrid vs Tottenham
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Cheesecake Factory
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#4 Cheesecake Factory gets sued by a latino worker for basically firing her. Oh Yeah and its National Cheesecake Day if anyone even cares! Back to our original subject The suit from the latino girl named Andrea Nichole Duenas alleges she was fired for pointing out racial discrimination at The Cheesecake Factory. All I can say is I hope she has some really good evidence and can get it in front of a jury. Because the Cheesecake Factory will surely try to get the judge to say this is a frivolous lawsuit and can she really prove any damages. Well we don’t know so I guess we will just have to wait and see. Because Juries generally don’t have a clue but can be swayed by a good attorney or bought by rich evil corporations. LOL just kidding because that can go either way. I will state, I have never been to the Cheesecake Factory and don’t ever plan to especially if that’s how they treat their Hispanic employees! Hmmmph! BTW Half Price Cheescakes all day Tuesday, that’s yesterday if your reading this wednesday or today if its tuesday the 30th Sorry!
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Grant Thompson
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#5 Grant Thompson Death Search so is that what the news was talking about a paraglider dying? The King of Random dies in a paragliding accident. Well that’s what the news said and Google The God of all knowing so it must be true. Grant Thompson the King of Random dead at 38 our condolences go out to his friends and family
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#6 AAPL better known as Apple wont make a profit this quarter or any quarter for a long time from now. So Sell your stock and Divest now. AAPL is going Down. Well Not really there stock actually went up along with earnings if you can believe that. I have to admit I am currently using an Iphone they are Nice but I would personally never Buy one. Its Android all the way for me. The Iphone was a gift and Microsoft stopped supporting Windows Mobile. So the next phone I buy will be an Android another Google Product. Forget AAPL
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Camila Cabello
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#7 Camilla Cabello who we used to love but she gained 100 lbs and now we don’t like her anymore. The 100 lbs is the growth off of her lips, her new boyfriend Shawn Mendes who has no taste in women or music. But he sure does have a great PR Staff! On second thought we do think Camilla Cabello resembles Shawn Mendes’s mother, though, so that’s nice keep it all in the family.
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Heather Rae Young
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#8 Heather Rae Young we don’t know her have never heard of her but we are damned glad she is on our list today in at #8 Heather Rae Young.  Heather Rae Young who is supposedly dating some other semi famous TV star Tarek El Moussa. Is he Good Looking? We cant tell but we know Heather Rae Young sure is and here is the video and Insti-pics to prove it…
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