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The Irishman
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#1 The Irishman is Racist Trash and if you don’t think so then you are Racist to the Core! Not only that it’s Glorifying Crime and Murder Disgusting and Pathetic. We Love it!  LOL  Just Kidding, about what, that’s for you to decide. BTW way its a Paid for Search from Netflix We Love them Too!
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Fed rate cut
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#2 Business is so Hypocritical. The fed cuts the Prime lending rate. Which should make it cheaper for the little guy to get a loan. The stock market practically crashed Nasdaq down 90 points the Dow Jones Industrial Average down 400 points. Then they said it was all the businesses got mad because Jerome Powell the chairman of the Federal Reserve said they wouldn’t be lowering anymore and thats why all the stocks dropped. WTF kind of reason is that to start selling off? Like I said a bunch hypocrites or they really just have no control over what happens at all. And when I say they I mean the rip off stock traders and their Ilk, what a scam they have going.’s best advice is for you to research and buy stocks on your own, Never use a stock broker! Use your Head! Which is probably telling you the “stock market is gambling” and  gambling, can pay off but is generally “Gambling” and that is risky.
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Mario Lopez
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#3 Mario Lopez racist white trash or is he Hispanic? Yes he is racist and in a recent interview suggested it was “dangerous” for parents of children as young as 3 years old to definitively label their kids transgender. No he is not racist Mario Lopez is just insensitive and mainly ignorant but he is just so cute we will forgive him and put him on our Top 40 list. Mario Lopez in at #3 Because we know Mario Lopez is not smart enough to think that saying something that stupid and innocuous would get him on our Top 40 list, or is he?
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Michael Thomas
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#4 Michael Thomas Sports Related search or just Paid for PR! When anyone starts to get paid in the Millions for playing a game that less and less people are watching yet they seem to keep paying more and more for the players?  We know something is fishy we also know that a big percent of every players “Payday” goes to agents and PR people not to mention taxes.Yet we still don’t know Who this guy Michael Thomas is, other than a a wide receiver for a football team namely the New Orleans Saints and he will be paid up to up to $20 million per year with incentives. Go Figure.
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Whitney Cummings
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#5 Whitney Cummings never heard of her but we like her style. She was the showrunner for the Roseanne Reboot then quickly became the Head of the show something else we thought would suck and it did and does. But Whitney Cummings was smart enough to get in while the getting was good and parlay that little bit of fame into her own podcast the last laugh podcast while she was still on the Roseanne reboot show or whatever it was called. Whitney Cummings quit the podcast and the show and is now headlining her very own Netflix stand up special, Can I touch it? Hey Whitney Give a call we need to ask you a question, yeah ha ha ha Can We touch it?
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Nick Buoniconti
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#6 Nick Buoniconti Sports related and a Death Search but I actually remember this guy back when I was like 8! That was a long time ago but I had the NFL bed spread and curtains with all the team logo’s. I also loved those NFL trader stamps they gave away at Shell remember them the big books and every time you bought gas you would get a packet with pictures of all the teams and players? Needless to say this guy was famous way back then and that was saying something. There was no internet, no youtube. Just the 3 main television networks and if your lucky a small town news channel. Nick Buoniconti famous linebacker for the Miami Dolphins dead at 78. Our condolences go out to his friends and family.
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Shane Greene
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#7 Shane Greene Sports Related Baseball now we are getting really boring. SHane Greene traded to the Atlanta Braves. BORING! and really how does something like this get onto our list?
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Harry Potter birthday
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#8 Harry Potter Birthday number 39 to be exact. But is it the actor who played Harry Potter’s birthday or the actual number of years since the first Harry Potter Book came out? OH its the latter we are celebrating the birthday of a thing not an anniversary but a birthday for a thing. Now this really is a totally pathetic, Paid for search. I mean how much publicity does one book and movie series need. Or should we say how much and exactly who paid to be on this list? We are disgusted! But we found a clip that is so sweet it’s sickening. Happy 39th Harry Potter!
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