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Saoirse Kennedy Hill
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#1 Saoirse Kennedy Hill Death Search never heard of Saoirse Kennedy Hill but was rich white and a spoiled child who was depressed or so they say but definitely a druggie, don’t blame her for that. But I do blame the Politicians around the country that made it almost impossible to get narcotics from a doctor narcotics made in a pharmacy that you know what your getting so everyone has to go on the street and get god knows what!. Yes this is all the corrupt and stupid politicians around the countires fault.  But probably its the kids fault for not being careful and the family for not having Narcan on hand! She was too young. Our condolences go out to Saoirse Kennedy Hill’s friends and family.
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#2 NFL no comment other than Paid for Search Please watch soccer, cricket or any other sport.
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Adidas Yeezy
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#3 Adiddas Yeezy All we can say is Paid for search and the price will go up in september because of Trumps War on China and the tarrifs But be glad because China is an awful communist regime that really is manipulating the economy and it’s people. And at least Trump has finally stood up to them and the Tarriffs are working so if the prices do go up thats a sign you shouldnt buy products made for pennies and sold for hundreds its sickening. Tell Adiddas and Yeezy to make the shoes in America. You wont buy crap from China. Do you have the will power? That is the #1 thing that will help you be successful in life and that is having will power. So Dont buy those Yeezy’s until they are made in America!
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#4 Drake Move on! He wasn’t that Good to begin with. Here is the Full Album or so they say:


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Ninja Mixer
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#5 Ninja Mixer oh boy 127,000 views and he hasnt even started streaming but according to sources at Forbes “he’s announced his first stream on the new platform, and it’s got a bit of that flair to it: he’ll be live from Lollapalooza. The stream starts at 12:00 PM Central time and runs until 6:00 PM, which is the schedule he’ll be keeping until August 4. And while the streamer hasn’t specified, I’m going to assume that he’ll be playing the new Season X in Fortnite.”  We personally dont see game streaming lasting much longer than a few years. We do see streaming being taken up by more news and information type channels which is what anyone can do. Quite possibly We see ” 24 Hour Life Streams” becoming the dominant category.
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Elijah Cummings
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#6 Elijah Cummings yes he may be a racist but we are definitely Geneticist’s and its supposedly been proven all humans evolved from apes and that all white people evolved from those original black people. The key word here is evolved from. In reality though I don’t care if you are an ape or a dog in fact I almost prefer dogs to humans. What we really don’t like are greedy, corrupt, lying politicians that includes Elijah Cummings and pretty much every other politicians. He claims he scared off some intruder turns out it was the neighbor and Kevin McAleenan he scared. LOL
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Will Hurd
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#7 Will Hurd we nominate Will Hurd to be person of the year. He is from Texas is in the United States House of Representatives and will not fight for re-election mainly because he will probably lose his district is mainly hispnics Will Hurd beat Gina Ortiz by only 1,000 votes and she has out-fundraisied Will Hurd 10-1 but he isnt going to run because We’d like to think because he realized politicians are the biggest scumbags in the world and he doesn’t want to be the biggest loser scumbag. Good Choice Will Hurd you can go to heaven now if you believe in that kind of thing. Just say 10 hail marys bite your lip, spin around, touch the ground, and give all you ill gotten wealth to charity. Ha HA that’s a good one I guess he wont be going to heaven after all. LOL
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Jerry Garcia
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#8 Jerry Garcia Who? yeah we know who he is he’s dead from the GrateFul Dead that old hippie band that toured around the country selling drugs and peddling music. Yeah that Jerry Garcia some other band members from some bands named Greensky Bluegrass and Cris Jacobs Band yeah it was a tribute to Jerry Garcia at some Gig they played at MECU Pavilion in Baltimore on Garcia’s birthday. Yee Haa. Here is a home video from the show of the Tribute Lets watch….
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