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El Paso shooting
2M+ searches

#1 El Paso Shooting yeah still a low Threshold for searches #1 and at 2 million searches considering Google gets 63,000 searches a second which equla about 5.6 Billion a day. So 2 million isnt even .01 % so what are all the other searches Who picks these searches Google says are #1 The more we find out about Google the more Nefarious they seem. El Paso Shooting At least 19 dead according to NBC news at some Mall in El Paso so this is a Death search or people just checking to make sure it’s not their town or anybody they know. If I cared that,s what I would be doing and 2 million searches is a fair amount at least for this list its about as high as they get.
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Colby Covington
100K+ searches

#2 Colby Covington Who? Two of the welterweight division’s biggest names collide in the UFC Newark main-event as Colby Covington takes on Robbie Lawler. Never heard of either of them but this is a Sports related search we really dont pay attention to anything to do with sports. Now when I say that it is a personal thing Myself being David “Top40” Russell working at this website and this is the Top 40 list. Top40 though is just a name the searches are all based on Google Daily Trend results and someone their makes these picks thats what makes it so nefarious we think these are the most important things in the world but they are not.The are what google gets paid for and what they want you to think. So what do you do if thats what you think. Well in reality not much because there are only a few search engines available to use and google has the most pages but they are also the most subjective, which means the results come out the way they want them to. They will try to blame it on the algorithm but they make the algorithm so the results of each search you make come out the way they want them to. First of all you only look at the Top 40 results at most if that. and most peopel only look at the first 2-3 results and Google knows that. Yes you can buy a spot at the very top but most people dont even realize that the top 3-4 spots or more are paid for advertisements made to look exactly like search results but it says it right there in black and white it says rght there… with a little square around it, which means this is a paid for advertisement/fake search result. Here is the after fight interview in the ring….
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West Indies vs India
100K+ searches

#3 West Indies vs India more sports related searches this one happens to be cricket which is up and coming here in the united states. However I dont think there are any pro cricket teams here yet so you have to go to the west Indies vs India or elsewhere definitely not in the U.S. yet! BTW the following is from Day 3 test match whatever the f&$# that is…
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Dustin May
20K+ searches

#4 Dustin May more Sports related Paid for searches notice the big drop from 2 million to 20k searches that means this is also Paid for because I guarantee there are other things that got way more searches, Google just doesn’t want you to know because, its in Google’s best interest for you not to know. Or they just didn’t pay Google enough money Honey! No money no search result. BTW I have just come to realize sports is big money and why because you can gamble on the results and win Big Money that is the #1 reason sports is big business. Just like the stock market Gambling what fun!!
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Man United vs Milan
20K+ searches

#5 Man United vs Milan More sports related paid for searches this one is soccer. and it will also be the last search on our list today Thank you Google for making this day a Paid for Sports Related Search list. Ttyl
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