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Dow Jones
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#1 Dow Jones well if your smart you will get of of technology stocks and especially any technology that is made in China. Dow Jones is Gambling and it is hard to win in a rigged game all stocks are rigged so get lucky and get out. The U.S. can get by without China. Only thinking about Worldwide profits is over. One last tip Racism is never going away until the politicians go away including the politicians in China.
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Gigi Hadid
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#2 Gigi Hadid we call her a publicity whore and this was a publicity stunt. Allthough Gigi Hadid is the only one we have heard of before, Hannah Brown and Cameron Tyler who are they? Well they are the newcomers from the new soft core Porn show called The Bachelorette. I am sure you have heard of that.
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#3 Kashmir Religion is actually the #1 malignant force in the world. Its even worse than racism. Kashmir is has basically been an autonomous country next to India and now the Indian Hindu Nationalist Government wants to take over the majority Muslim state, Kashmir. It could become a mess because as we stated religion has been the worlds most malignant force for centuries now. It has justified millions of deaths and has basically gotten us nowhere. So America We need to not only divest ourselves of Religion but the entire eastern hemisphere as well.
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Jenna Bush Hager
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#4 Jenna Bush Hager has third child congrats at least she can afford it. Good Luck Jenna Bush Hager
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Bachelor In Paradise
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#5 Bachelor in Paradise OMG when will it end? this show is a helluva a crappy porn movie. But great reality TV I think we should have one of these in every city and every state that has a Broadcast TV station! America are you with me. We can do better than this!
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Euphoria season finale
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#6 Euphoria season finale What? Never heard of Euphoria season finale. Not only that who is Zendaya? Ok Euphoria  is a show by HBO on and promoted by  Hulu and it is the Euphoria season finale. Zenday is one of the characters on the show. We havent seen it but since its a Paid for Search and its #6 on our list we might just watch it on Hulu Because at least now we have heard of it and know where to watch it. Remember, Euphoria season finale w/Zendaya on Hulu you get it on the internet for your Flatscreen of mobile or whatever you watch programs on. Here is the Trailer….  But if you think you want to watch Euphoria don’t watch the trailer!




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Hong Kong
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#7 Hong Kong remember that place it used to be a free country but little sissie U.K. which won it in the Opium Wars gave it back to China back in 1999 or so. Needless to say China really wants to take over the world and they are starting with Hong Kong and all the citizens of Hong Kong don’t like it almost 1/3 of the 6 million or so population has been rioting in the streets there for weeks now. Hong Kong is falling into chaos and Beijing thinks they can wait it out and win in the long run. I dont know whats going to happen but we are with you Hong Kong Do the world a favor and Kill the evil China communist politicians from within I think its possible and what with the U.S. trade war and all. I think we can do it mostly peacefully and after a few years or who knows. Anyone? Ideas? Ideas Anyone? BTW we just like these instipics of Hong Kong they do not really show whts going on there at the moment the video is a little better at that. Thank you!
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Don Banks
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#8 Don Banks Death Search never heard of him but if you live in Bww-oston or really like the patriots you might have heard of Don Banks he was a sports columnist and mainly wrote about the New England Patriots and that’s why I never heard of him so this is a Death Search Sports related search and we send our condolences to Don Banks friends and family.
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