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Toni Morrison
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#1 Toni Morrison Who?  Toni Morrison Never Heard of Her. But she’s Dead So this is a “Death Search”. Toni Morrison was also a Nobel Laureate and won the Prize for Literature in 1993. She was beloved for her insights into the “Black Experience” Toni Morrison herself was Black and will be missed. Our Condolences go out to Toni Morrison’s friends and loved ones, Toni Morrison was 88.
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Sushma Swaraj
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#2 Sushma Swaraj another Who? Never heard of her and another Death Search. Sushma Swaraj was the former foreign Minister of India so she was a politician so don’t feel to sorry for her because she will be reborn as another politician. Our condolences go out to Sushma Swaraj friends and family,  Sushma Swaraj was 67 she died from cardiac arrest in New Delhi.
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Baton Rouge shooting
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#3 Baton Rouge Shooting yes another one and yes in a Walmart. But apparently it was just two morons with guns who got into a disagreement in public at Walmart pulled out their guns and Then they ran off.  One of the shooters has been caught the other is still at large. But come on people these shootings are only going to get worse. #1 All Politicians stoke racism whether knowingly or ignorantly but they all do it. #2 Lilly livered Politicians think poor murderers can be rehabilitated and give out minimum jail sentences in a lot of cases. #3 Greedy Scum Bag politicians give out big contracts to their friends to build the biggest prison system in the world then let the murderers out after a few years so the can commit more murders and bring others into their criminal activities. #4 Politicians use all of these incidents for publicity and do nothing hoping they can get more publicity and simply blame it on the other guy. #5 Politicians and Journalists give these murderers a life of Fame…….So do you see where this is going people? Politicians are the problem. We know what needs to be done but Politicians don’t do it. Why do we keep this same type of broken government system? There is an easy alternative, Do you know what it is? Ill tell you if you really want to know or care, but I don’t think you really do until it happens to you. Now the video is from today but the insti-pics are mostly from 3 years ago remember that “Baton Rouge Shooting”?
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West Indies vs India
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#4 West Indies vs India Sports Related Search if you don’t remember what that means it simply means people are looking for the game online or the results. West Indies vs India, India won and if you didn’t know this is a cricket match coming in at #4 at least according to Google they left a lot of other things out but we won’t worry about that today. Yeah, India. its definitely more interesting than baseball that is a Boring snooze fest yeah cricket is too, I mean crickets chirping the thought puts me to sleep. BTW God only knows when this video was taken or just read the description its from the 3rd Test Day 1 a few hours ago when ever that’s supposed to be…..
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Amazon stock
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#5 Amazon Stock WTF do we care if 1.5 million shares are worth $3 billion its Jeff Bezos right to sell the whole damn thing if he wants to. Personally Amazon Stock will probably go back up sometime soon. But in the long runAmazon Stock has just about reached saturation point. From now on its day to day business Bozo needs to concentrate on his Space business or something really worthwhile like alternative energy and the environment. Come on Bozo you’ve raped us long enough. just kidding I meant his company has raped the entire retail market, some would argue he has helped the buyers and streamlined the process I agree that was supposed to be a joke FGS!
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Fortnite patch notes
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#6 Fortnite Patch Notes, Spare me Who cares Besides Politicians and becoming World Famous overnight. Its games like Fortnite that train these psychos to go out and kill as many people as possible and that game and games like it normalize that type of psychotic behavior Seriously that is completely abnormal behavior and our response which should be written into the NEW CONSTITUTION that these people should be publicly executed on national television within 72 hours.
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#7 Barney’s who? Barney’s never heard of them or I should say I heard of them but would never shop there and never have and now thanks to the powers that be, never will be able to. LOL Barney’s files for Bankruptcy. Oh well Poor Babies we will get over it. Of course this doesn’t mean they are closing down just not paying their debts.
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Apple Card
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#8 Apple Card created in partnership with Goldman Sachs, OMG that company ripped off billions and got away scott free. Apple Card will rip you off and get away with it Scott free. Apple Card use at your own expense LOL just kidding use it at your peril…….
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