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#1 Samsung, this is a Paid for Search and we ask Google Why? Well its because Samsung pays Google a  lot of money to be on this list and to license the latest Android UI thats Why! But Please Do yourself a favor and buy a Phone that’s made in America! Oh but wait a minute Sorry there are no Cell Phones made in america because our poor american companies cant afford to cut profits to pay american workers. You should really write to your corporate leaders the ones you don’t own any stock in and give them “a piece of your mind”. Or better yet go buy some stock in an american company you like that makes it’s cell phones overseas say Motorola and then write them a letter and Give Them What For! BTW here is like 3 minute intro advert to Samsung Note 10
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Cyntoia Brown
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#2 Cyntoia Brown she is the poster child for why mass murder shootings in america have skyrocketed. Why because if you only kill 1 person you’ll become rich famous when you get out thanks to a bunch of hapless illiterate semi famous reject racists. If you mass murder a bunch of people by shooting them you will become rich and famous immediately thanks to politicians and the media and your case will be in court for years and you will live a life of luxury in prison. Prison for most people in america is like taking a long vacation it is a pathetic joke of a judicial system and its owned by CCA Thats Corrections Corporation of America the largest Prison Business in the U.S.of A. and all the politicians friends own it and they own all the politicians and judges and you get the jist.
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#3 Henning tn. yes Curtis Ray Watson escaped from a West Tennessee State Penitentiary. West Tennessee State Penitentiary in Henning tn. is not owned by CCA which is probably why this guy escaped.Curtis Ray Watson is possibly armed and Very Dangerous at least according to the officials in Henning tn. from the TBI thats Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the dolts at West Tennessee State Penitentiary in Henning Tn.
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#4 Maps Google I think they got that backwards its supposed to be Google Maps not Maps Google WTF! No wonder they need publicity! The video sucks the music is okay…..
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Joaquin Castro
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#5 Joaquin Castro is a Democratic Representative in Texas who is a racist. He doesn’t like trump or Trump supporters and is not very smart. He outed all his Donors names and if they also donated to Trump So he lost out on a bunch of donations but he doesn’t care because he is a racist like all those other racists there are a lot of them and they all like each other and stick together at least thats what racist Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro hopes. But we know what he is really trying to do watch this video and decide for yourself……
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Red Bull vs Real Madrid
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#6 Red Bull vs Real Madrid Sports related Soccer search. Real Madrid won 1-0 in the soccer match of Red Bull vs Real Madrid Red Bull is from Salzburg and is sponsored by Red Bull and if they are not then they really need some money so they can get some new players. So Red Bull give Red Bull a call they sponsor lots of sports. Sorry to english speaking couldnt find the highlights in English Eventually we will have a Top40 list for every country and language that is interested Send a message to “Top40” from the dashboard of this website not an email I don’t read them)
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#7 Tool how did Tool get on our list today Tool is such a Tool! We thought they were all dead from an overdose but sadly no the Experimental Rock group is back with a new song “Fear Inoculum”  Boy they are really good with names aren’t they Tool Fear Inoculum here it is after 13 years…….
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Pokemon Sword and Shield
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#8 Pokemon Sword and Shield What Never heard of it. Just Kidding we know this is a violent racist game that leaks stuff on 4chan. So its a racist training game, Just kidding again or are we? See for yourself or just watch the video…..The guy in this video is pretty good but he really needs a new background for his head shots…….
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