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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
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#1 Paid for Search Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark if your under the age of 12 with the IQ of a rabbit. This does look like it might be a scary movie. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark started out as a book in 1981 and will now be a movie who knows I always liked horror as a kid. And this looks Horror-ible Seriously Give it a look………
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International Cat Day
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#2 International Cat Day who doesn’t like a cat? Well I used to be a big cat person and since it is International Cat Day I will tell my “Nice” cat story, cats are great if you don’t want a pet you can train. Cats are great if you dot have a lot of time to spend with them. International Cat Day all day!
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Field of Dreams
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#3 Field of Dreams IMHO a pathetic publicity stunt. Go to the place in the middle of nowhere and remind all the poor kids living there that if they grow up and learn how to play Baseball really, really well you to could become a professional baseball player! And or just move to a big city like chicago or New york and you can waste your money, get mugged getting to the game and robbed at the stadium with the high ticket, food and drink prices or just stay home Grow corn and watch it for free on the big screen n the comfort of your own home. Unless you like being stuck in a big crowd watching the most boring sport in the world besides Golf or curling. Oh and BTWThe New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox will face off at the Dyersville, Iowa, farm next August, Major League Baseball announced Thursday. The game will count as part of the regular season — starting a three-game series between the Yankees and White Sox. The two teams will then have one day off as they travel to Chicago to finish out the series.

The game is slated for the night of Aug. 13, 2020 — three decades after Field of Dreams debuted in 1989. But Aaron Judge and his fellow MLB stars won’t be playing on the same diamond that was created for the Kevin Costner movie. Instead, they’ll play at a temporary 8,000-seat ballpark




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Dora and the Lost City of Gold
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#4 Dora and the Lost City of Gold based on the “educational cartoon” Dora the Explorer, and Now you know. Dora and the Lost City of Gold in theaters now.
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Tiger Woods
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#5 Tiger Woods oh boy just what we wanted another Tiger Woods in our list and why Tiger Woods is in our list we don’t know or care they make up all kinds of BS for this guy But if you do if you do care about Tiger Woods watch the video……
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West indies-vs-india
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#6 West indies-vs-india Sports Related cricket More paid for searches we really dont care about. We think these numbers would be the same either way Someone at Google just likes cricket but Im sure they would try to blame it on an algorithm Yeah written by a person Good try google we aren’t falling for it anymore. But here it is 3rd Test Day 2……
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Duke Johnson
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#7 Duke Johnson Sports related football player Duke Johnson traded to texas or something like that here is the video if you even care about it watch it and learn something what I don’t know.
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David Luiz
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#8 David Luiz more sports related searches about a soccer player this time.
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