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Premier League
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#1 Premiere League WTF Sports related BS if there aren’t any games just make something up! This time its the Premiere League teams didn’t spend as much money on players this year even though the Premiere League profits went up. Well that one’s easy its all about the owners spending their profits on themselves.
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The Kitchen
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#2 The Kitchen pure violent white black and multicolored Trash. The Kitchen has bad timing coming out after the poor country just went through a bunch of real life violent psychos shooting the place up. But if you like that kind of thing then The Kitchen movie has you covered. If you like crappy stories horrible acting The Kitchen has you covered see for yourself here is the trailer…….
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Tommy Lee
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#3 Tommy Lee Pure White Trash. Tommy Lee sounds more like a psychotic conservative racist than a liberal Pot smoking alcoholic which we all know that he is, But this time the alcohol and crystal meth got the best of his mouth.
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Brooke Mueller
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#4 Brooke Mueller never heard of her but what we know isnt good at least she knows when to get help. As she enters rehab for the 100th time. But Brooke Mueller is serious about it this time and her ex hubby Charlie Sheen is behind her all the way.
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#5 Steelers more Sports Related BS if they aren’t any games make something up okay Steelers vs Buccaneers in preseason week 1 36-12 yeah Steelers take the superbowl title in 2019 or something like that…
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Rick Ross Port Of Miami 2
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#6 Rick Ross Port Of Miami 2 his 10 album out now Rick Ross Port Of Miami 2 take a listen we never heard of this guy either……
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Ron Burgundy
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#7 Ron Burgandy Who? Oh Will Ferrells character Ron Burgandy Was on ever late night show Last Night. Well he never claimed to be very good at Scheduling and Public relations but yes Ron Burgandy one live the rest all recorded segments on all the Brosadcast television late night shows LAST NIGHT! Good Job Ron Burgandy
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Bo bichette
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#8 Bo Bichette never heard of him is this a Sports Related Search and an awful Paid for Search why yes Bo Bichette yes it is……
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