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Jeffrey Epstein
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#1 Jeffery Epstein Big Time 5 million Death Searches  Jeffery Epstein found murdered in his cell. Yes it’s true but the F.ederal B.utthole I.nvestigators claim Jeffery Epstein’s hanging in his cell was suicide not to mention the jailers who were supposed to be watching him definitely say it was suicide. And all the Broadcast news channels can say is poor victims of Jeffery Epstein? The female ones that are still alive and still accusing this guy of turning them into whores, how awful. The whole thing is a sad travesty best advice is don’t pay for sex you will end up in jail and dead like Jeffery Epstein. Your better off just taking it or say your on a date. Just kidding Seriously Just say NO! Now he’s dead so what’s next well see for yourself…..
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Antonio Brown
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#2 Antonio Brown oakland raiders lineman. Antonio Brown says he will retire if they don’t let him use his old helmet. It’s true The old helmet causes more concussions than the new one but Antonio Brown says he broke his hymen in his old helmet or something like that and cant play without it. We bet He will play without it or lose out on about $30 million but if the raiders are smart they will just bench him if he doesn’t care about the money and wont play with out the old helmet, but we bet he does! One last thing I must say It’s true most of my comments are very sarcastic and usually require some prior knowledge abut the “most searched for terms” or person or event from that day. if you don’t have any current knowledge of why this thing or person is even on our list today, you can usually watch the video first then you might understand my inane comments a little bit more.
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Premier League
200K+ searches

#3 Premiere League Sports Related search if you dont know the Premiere League is soccer mainly European teams. Premiere League is starting to be viewed more on american broadcast channels and espn for sure. We really don’t care about the Premiere League but they did get one thing right and that is V.A.R. which is Video assistant or assisted referees. Here is the video to explain……
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Vikings vs Saints
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#4 Vikings vs Saints Oh lord no more Sports Related searches and the real season hasnt even started yet. Vikings vs Saints just a NFL preseason game How boring can this list get? But if you really like sports or the Vikings vs Saints here s the video of highlights maybe you can figure the odds for the real season after watching it.
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#5 Steelers OMG they were on this list yesterday about the upcoming preseason game Steelers vs Buccaneers but now at least we can show you the highlights because the game is over.
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Marina Joyce
100K+ searches

#6 Marina Joyce who is a youtube personality over in london but apparently has a good following in the United States was lost for the last 10 days. But has been found alive and fine. I must say this girls Knows how to get publicity even if it was all just a scam. But thats what we get in todays day and age with all the instantaneous worldwide communication. Something incredible something stupid a made up lie is all it takes to get to the top fast. IMHO this kind of thing should not be rewarded. On the other hand if it was a serious true happening and she was kidnapped or lying hurt somewhere we would hope the social media would help, But it doesn’t! Neither do any of these explanations here is the best one I could find.
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Kid Rock
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#7 Kid Rock Who? How did this guy get on the list? For Slut shaming Taylor Swift well there is no accounting for taste or intelligence.  This list is none of those things this list which is backed up by Google this list is basically a contest of who can say the dumbest crap the loudest. Seriously by dumb we mean so that everyone understands exactly what you mean.
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#8 Mets Sports Related Preseason BS Mets, Mets, Mets!
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