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#1 Simone Biles
Simone Biles this is a Sports Related Search plus a celebrity Search. Simone Biles is a Gymnast who just preformed a a triple double! Whatever that is it’s in the Video Simone Biles Awesome Baby!
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#2 Hong Kong
Hong Kong OMG Don’t go to Hong Kong, mainly because you can’t! The Hong Kong airport is being shutdown by the citizens mainly millennials who are all up against the Chinese communist party. Hong Kong you go Girls and Guys is behind you all the way.
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#3 Whitney Cummings
Whitney Cummings Who? Whitney Cummings a producer/comedienne who was on our list a few weeks ago for her “Can I touch It” Has just done the old reverse extortion trick. She “accidentally posted a photo that showed some nipple took it down and is now putting it back up again claiming some Stupid dorks were trying to extort money from her! WHat? That’s the same old “MY home porno Video got stolen” trick with a twist. She stole it from herself. Good One Whitney Cummings we know those “Stupid Dorks” wouldnt get any of your money. You just give all your money to yourself. We forgot to add Paid for search they had to make up something to put her on the list we couldnt realy find any corroborating search evidence so here is the trailer for her crappy comedy routine again….
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#4 Dak Prescott
Dak Prescott Sports Related search and Greedy Dak Prescott should remain unemployed. Dak Prescott is not worth $40 million, he is not worth $40.
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#5 Orioles vs Yankees
Orioles vs Yankees sports related search. Why in gods name does something like this get onto our list because they paid for it. There is no good reason to put a sports related search Orioles vs Yankees in this list before the game even happens. This is simply people looking for the game times or so they say and more publicity for a sport I definitely wont be watching but if you like Orioles vs Yankees its on tonight somewhere on line search it or read the linked article.

Baltimore Sun
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#6 Tate Martell
Tate Martell Who? Tate Martell never heard of him but we think it has something to do with throwing the football in college maybe in Florida Tate Martell Who Cares? It’s another sports related Paid for search. Google we want to see all the real results not this pick and choose crap becauseif we dont like it you’ll blame it on an algorithm which would probably be another lie of the millions you tell every day.

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#7 NBA schedule
NBA Shedule  OMG not the NBA Shedule!

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#8 Blue-green algae
Blue-Green algae this stuff can kill your pet especially dogs. I’m so damn lucky my dog just got her rear legs paralyzed. She became woobly after gulping some ohio river water a week later she started becoming woobly then she just lost all control of her legs and urine and bowel movements. We had to carry her around with diapers on for months. Finally she regained control of her bowel and urine movements and its just starting to walk. I don’t know if it was Blue-Green algae or not but something in the untreated river water almost killed my precious little baby. Lacey who I saved from the shelter is doing well now. But don’t let dogs or any pets drink water that has Blue-Green algae in it or any untreated water and for that matter don’t drink it yourself.

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