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#1Chris Cuomo 
Chris Cuomo CNN anchor Douchebag or Hero? Some poor Trump supporter called him “Fredo” ha ha good one Chris Cuomo’s brother is the Governor of New york state Mario Cuomo. Needless to say Chris Cuomo didnt take the remark kindly see for your self….

The New York Times

Cuomo Threatens Man Who Called Him Fredo At Dinner

Subscribe to our channel! In this video, Chris Cuomo threatens a man who approached the CNN anchor and his family at dinner. The man called Cuomo, “Fredo” an insult referencing Francis-Ford Coppola’s The Godfather Donate To The Daily Caller News Foundation: Or visit our website: Check out our twitter: And Facebook: Or follow Instagram: And don’t forget to subscribe!

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#2 Josh Kloss
Josh Kloss Hey A Guy can join “Me Too” wouldnt you say? Josh Kloss claims Katy Perry grabbed his “junk” pulled it out of his pants and showed to all her friends. Poor baby Josh Kloss said it made him feel so belittled and degraded. We say Josh Kloss cant help it just look at his er at him? But he is in at #2 on our Top40 list.

Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’ Co-Star Accuses Her Of Treating Him Like A ‘Prostitute’

Katy Perry has another legal issue on her hands and this time, it’s an accusation of sexual harassment. Actor and model Josh Kloss, who co-starred with the pop superstar in her “Teenage Dream” video, is accusing her of treating him like a “prostitute” and exposing his private parts in front of a group of her friends.

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#3    Mia Khalifa
Mia Khalifa who became famous for talking about being in the porn industry for just a year. But we are still talking about Mia Khalifa becaase of how Hot She is. Mia Khalifa you have a real job with any time you want doing anything you want. Mia Khalifa Give IT40 a call……..

BBC News

Mia Khalifa Interview Radio True Story Sad Earning $12000

Mia Khalifa Interview Radio True Story Sad Earning $12000, This is a sad story Mia Khalifa says “I made a TOTAL of around $12,000 in the industry and never saw a penny again after that.” Difficulty finding a normal job after quitting porn was…Mia Khalifa net worth unbelievable.

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#4     Miley Cyrus Kaitlynn Carter
Miley Cyrus Kaitlynn Carter OMG! Liam Hemsworth Who? Never heard of the Guy. Miley Cyrus Kaitlynn Carter got down on it in Italy, see for yourself. This girl knows how to get publicity. Poor Liam just couldn’t handle it he was like a stick in the mud. Miley Cyrus Kaitlynn Carter YOU GO GIRLS!

Fox News

Miley Cyrus & Kaitlynn Carter’s STEAMY Poolside Kiss: Everything We Know About Their Italian Geta…

An eyewitness reveals all the juicy details from Miley’s poolside make out sesh with Kaitlynn Carter, while vacationing in Lake Como, Italy. Exclusives from #ETonline :

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#5  Tumblr
Tumblr isnt that a porn site? Why would the guy who owns WordPress buy Tumblr?

Washington Post

Verizon reportedly selling Tumblr to WordPress owner for nominal amount

CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” crew discuss Verizon’s sale of Tumblr to WordPress parent company Automattic.

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#6 The Angry Birds Movie 2
The Angry Birds Movie 2 The best quote we could find to explain the movie “SO Stupid Yet So Funny” that has to be the dumbest quote ever just go see the movie The Angry Birds Movie 2

The New York Times


To save the world, these enemies must become frenemies. Watch the final trailer for The #AngryBirdsMovie2 now and see it in theaters August 14! http://AngryBirds2.Movie/?hs308=youtubeorg Follow Us on Social: Subscribe to Sony Pictures for exclusive content: The flightless angry birds and the scheming green piggies take their beef to the next level in The Angry Birds Movie 2!

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#7 Todd Chrisley
Todd Chrisley star of some reality TV show called Chrisley knows best. Reality TV stars Todd and Julie Chrisley were indicted on Tuesday by a grand jury on tax evasion charges by the Northern District of Georgia. The 12-count indictment, obtained by CNN, also alleges the Chrisleys committed bank fraud and wire fraud conspiracy, among other offenses. Its probably just for an upcoming episode they want to be as realistic as possible. Seems a Little excessive for my taste but whatever it takes.Todd Chrisley  got to #7 on our Top 40 list Today.


Todd & Julie Chrisley Officially Indicted for Bank Fraud, Facing 30 Years In Prison

“Chrisley Knows Best” star Todd Chrisley tried to launch a preemptive strike against a looming federal indictment, so officials went ahead and charged the couple with multiple federal crimes. According to the indictment filed Tuesday in the Northern District of Georgia and obtained by The Blast, both Todd and Julie Chrisley have been charged with 11 counts related to bank fraud and tax evasion.

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#8 Sasha Banks
Sasha Banks oh my. In a surprise attack on Natayla and Becky Lynch whoever they are. Sasha Banks smacked Natayla with a wicked right hand But it was all in good fun for WWE RAW last Night.And might we say Sasha Banks looked Fierce and ready for Battle.

New York Post

Sasha Banks returns to WWE: Raw, Aug. 12, 2019

Unseen in WWE since WrestleMania 35, Sasha Banks makes a statement by interrupting Natalya, attacking the injured Queen of Harts and brawling with Becky Lynch. #RAW GET YOUR 1st MONTH of WWE NETWORK for FREE: ——————————————————————— Follow WWE on YouTube for more exciting action!

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#9 Riverside shooting
Riverside shooting back to real life some ex-con killed a cop today in the latest violent attack to hit america the Riverside shooting. All we can say it’s a damn good thing we are not at war, but if we were it would be over quick we would definitely wipe out the enemy with all of our guns.


Traffic stop turns into a deadly shootout in California

A traffic stop in California turned into a gun battle that killed a highway patrol officer Monday night. Witnesses say a man grabbed a rifle from his pickup truck in Riverside and started shooting, while the officer was filling out paperwork to impound the vehicle. The gunman was killed and two other officers were wounded.

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#10 Kate Upton
Kate Upton was on Jimmy Fallon last night what a douchebag he is and Kate Upton looking a little plumper than usual needs to do some more aerobics and thats exactly what she did…….

The A.V. Club

Kate Upton’s Real Life with Justin Verlander Is the Plot of Fever Pitch

Kate Upton taunts Jimmy about crushing him at flip cup her first time playing, explains why she relates to Drew Barrymore’s Fever Pitch character and discusses the #ShareStrong Instagram campaign inspired by members of her Strong4Me Fitness program.

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