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#1 Liverpool vs Chelsea
Liverpool vs Chelsea Sports Related Search

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#2 ASAP Rocky
ASAP Rocky Who Cares He’s Guilty ASAP Rocky’s music is questionable.

The New York Times
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#3 Philadelphia
Philadelphia with todays Instantaneous media we can find Police shootouts every day. We are sorry anyone got hurt. But until the day the Police don’t carry any guns we are all going to have this problem. 

CBS Philly
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#4 Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty that slogan on the Statue of Liberty may be a bit outdated. We cant afford to help the entire world. Lets stick with the citizens we have now. has no problem with a more strict vetting process to get into our country. And its ignorant news commentators stoking racism with comments like the one the racist commentator Beto O’Rourke makes in this news clip watch and see for yourself…..

The New York Times
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#5 Recession
Recession for who? Recession’s come and Recession’s go But naysayers are always full of it, listen to this guy saying it’s going to be worse than the recession in 2008…..

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#6 Don Lemon
Don Lemon accused of assault and being sued for it. I seriously doubt if the guy who’s suing Don Lemon picked his nae out of a hat. Don Lemon doesnt have that much money but he is known to frequent that bar and has a nasty streak when he’s had a few. Don Lemon Guilty we predict he will settle out of court. It’s all a publicity stunt or at least thats what CNN would like us to think and now for the Amazing Lucas I like his Get the facts point of view but he is missing the Big Picture he is black and he is not gay but both the twits he is talking about are in this video about Don Lemon getting sued for sexual harassment it’s just so GAY!
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#7 Darryl Drake

Darryl Drake Sports related Late Death Search? and another Big Who Cares about Darryl Drake what is this endless blather Okay He was a great coach he was a great husband Do we have anything else to talk about I guess not Thanks Google! Here is some crappy computerized video Google can blame it on the algorithm.


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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#8 Four Loko seltzer
Four Loko seltzer and probably costs 10 times the amount Four Loko seltzer if you rally want to get F^$&ed up fast! I really wanted that powdered Alcohol where did it go? All we can say is if you don’t want to grow up like the idiots in the video DONT DRINK FOUR LOKO SELTZER!

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#9 West Indies vs India
West Indies vs India Sports Related Search it’s just cricket India takes it in a double match West Indies vs India
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#10 Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham Who? we are thrilled Ashley Graham is glowing. We still never heard of

Ashley Graham until she got on our Top 40 list.

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