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#1 Lauren Hashian
Lauren Hashian Who? Never heard of Lauren Hashian But we know her Best friend of the last 20 years and her new Husband “The Rock” whats his real name Dwayne Johnson how sweet!

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#2 Manchester United 
Manchester United oh god no not more Sports Related Searches but thats exactly what we have in at #2 Manchester United in a draw with the Wolves whoever they are Manchester United 1-1 Wolves

The Guardian
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#3 Eric Garner
Eric Garner this is a partial Death Search because Eric Garner has become a movement. Sorry you died those cops should be in jail and Patrick Lynch The president of the NYPD police union is one very dangerous and misguided Human Being.

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#4 Classroom
Classroom what kind of sick $#it are people searching for these days? 13 year old boy with Downs syndrome raped by counselor at special needs school?  All I can say is if they can prove who did it the only thing that should be waiting for them is a firing squad. We don’t know if this story is even true or not but is sick if it is. The Video tells the story but we didn’t know what insti-pics to show except for the ones you’ll see and to say people with Downs Syndrome can lead independent productive lives

The Sun
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#5 Snake
Snake poor little snake was probably scared to death if those nasty humans catch him they will skin him and eat him poor little Baby snake. But seriously Google “SNAKE” we con post words too but we will stick with the program we dont have video from the original story if you even read it but watch the video we do have of fighting snakes that fell through the ceiling……

India Today
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#6 1619 Project
1619 Project WTF? Really are we still debating slavery? No One really cares about ancient history or how people think about it except terrorists and some lazy psychos trying to stir up trouble. Now watch this video this guy knows what he is talking about and if your loosing your hair you might try the stuff he is hawking in between the story about the 1619 project being a complete lie…..

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#7 Ashley Graham
Ashley Graham not her again She’s Semi Hot and all but Ashley Graham thinks she is a kardashian spare me and totally over it.

Fox News
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#8 Slides


Slides very funny and cute Google throwing us a bone and some generic terms like Slides that Im sure people are searching for so pick one. Starting off with the Dwight Yoakam Paid for Search about his new album Slides and the Beginning of his concert tour in San Antonio and its called Slides! I do have to admit he has some killer country songs. Turn it on, Turn it up, Turn me Loose! or if your a true fan you might like this slides-show of Dwight Yoakams Ain’t that lonely yet live version from somewhere watch it for a couple seconds at least and for you folks out there with a Foot Fetish we have the insti-pics version of SLIDES thanks a lot Google……


San Antonio Current
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#9 Kate Upton

Kate Upton how did she get on the list again? She must have showed some side boob again. But she is right OMG Victoria’s Secret says dont worry if your a fat ugly slob we have some Bikinis that will make you look er uhm better but you will sure feel stupid because they cost so much and youll forget how ugly you are because you’ll be worried how broke you are. But we are sure your beautiful inside!

Fox News
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#10 Selena


Selena another how did she get on the list again well we will be sure to put her face on todays segment Picture. The video is in spainish but the insti-pics will be in english see for yourself….
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