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#1 Events
Events okay Google now you have gone too far, Events coming in at #1 the Generic word event could be anything but in their lineup of links Google Chose the History channel, 7 events that led to the American Revolution and Tinder & Bumble you know those casual dating apps you can download well now they are and have been hosting frat & Sorority parties on various college campuses some event. I guess this is Googles way of getting a 2fer in other words they get paid twice for in having 2 numbers 1’s thats very good Google showing your true colors now, We want you to make some money but OMG Tinder Bumble and the History Channel in at #1 with the word “EVENTS”. Well we might show you 2 videos or 2 sets of insti-pics but we will probably go with the Tinder or Bumble Frat party scene what do you think? Now listen to this guy he knows the laws regarding these types of things if your thinking of having a tinder or Bumble party or going to one Tell

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#2 Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx 2 of the biggest Publicity Whores ever with a story telling us they Have ended their relationship in impressive privacy. OMG Katie Holmes and that Dolt of an ex in PRIVACY how hypocritical can 2 publicity whores be. Well Katie Holmes takes the publicity whore cake today. Nice Job keeping everything so private in the international media. Morons abound. Seriously its not their fault their famous and everyone wants to know they just send out press releases and give interviews but they cant help it really they cant…..

Vanity Fair
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#3 Spider-Man
Spider-Man the worst of the marvel characters splits from Disney. What? WHo? When? Where? How? No one cares except for, when is the next one coming out? Well the owners of Spider-Man, whoever they are have had a disagreement with Disney and will no longer be working together. Thats what you get when you all think your the best and dont need eachother anymore. WHo cares because IMHO it’s all just a big publicity stunt real or not. Its all about money.

The Verge
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#4 Ready or Not
Ready or Not? Not! But here is the trailer anyway….

The New York Times
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#5 Prodigy
Prodigy someone at Google must really like this band Prodigy because they are dead or at least one of them is. OMG! Prodigy! in at #5 again for no good reason other than they are Prodigy?
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#6 Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum we will look at pictures of her Topless all day long. or at least for a couple minutes. Heidi Klum As long as she hasnt gained a bunch of weight. But Oh yeah Heidi Klum has gained a bunch of dead weight her Husband…. Oh well maybe he looks good to is he a male or female these days you never know and probably dont care but here is a video and some insti-pics….

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#7 PewDiePie
PewDiePie yeah we knew he was going to screw up sooner or later. PewDiePie got married.
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#8 Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood if you need them you need them. But IMHO we need to make a law, 2 kids per family unless you can afford it and IF YOU CANT AFFORD IT NO KIDS FOR YOU. No more AFDC. But if you get pregnant and you cant afford it you must have the child and give it up to someone who can of course afford it, you will get some money for it but not much.  As long as there are loving parents who want kids but cant have them thats what Planned ParentHood should be doing hooking them up. Abortions are for murderers with no self control anyway.

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#9 Donald Sterling
Donald Sterling poor stupid bastard they are all complete hypocrites and racists just like him. They just hide it better.
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#10 Amazon rainforest
Amazon Rainforest is burning. Thank God most of the worlds oxygen comes from algae and plankton in the oceans. Because the Amazon Rainforest will be cut down before its all burnt down and Humans as we are now genetically will not be able to live on this earth. Its coming sooner than you know probably 40 years or less. Not too mention the Flooding and Hurricanes but it really is all a natural earth cycle. Hopefully we can figure out what to do before it’s all gone.

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