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#1 is it a Paid for Search when you are promoting your own products? That is how dangerous a search engine like Google can be. They could put anything up here and we would print it as gospel. Now I personally know for a fact that google Docs has added a couple new features in it’s quest to beat out Microsoft Word. And this new set the margin from the ruler thing just might do it. BTW what happened to Microsoft, I guess he made his few millions and was content but the government also broke up microsoft remember that but that is exactly what needs to happen to Google.The only problem getting that done is everyone in government is in Google’s pocket. The pressure is mounting and players are playing so we shall see what happens only time will tell.
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#2 first it’s Google Docs that was a joke and coming in at #2 APPLE they are replacing Itunes finally I thought it sucked the first time I tried it. Anyone who wants to be really screwed over by the “Tech-Man” just buy an IPhone or a Mac. They are nice and handy and very simple to use if you want to pay for every single thing you want to add to it. Not good. SO in that light if I had to choose between Google and Apple I would definitely choose Google and think most sane people would. But it’s that Adsense that is really pissing me off, they are literally defrauding small business owners out of millions and millions of Dollars. More to come on that in the near future.
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#3 James Holzhauer The show’s most dominant player in years came just $58,484 short of the $2.52 million Ken Jennings won during his famous run. Allthough he won this amount in 34 games compared to jennings 77. And according to Nielsen the Jeopardy has had it’s best ratings in 14 years because of Mr. Holzhauer’s winning streak.
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#4 And this definitely smells like a Paid for search. Apple At today’s WWDC in San Jose, California, the company unveiled the latest update for its eponymous watch. Specifically, it now has a tip calculator. And you’d better bet the crowd went wild. A tip calculator that got 0ver 500K searches maybe it was an automated Google search for “Calculator” this is bad! A tip calculator everyone knows how to calculate 10-15 or 20% in their heads at least I thought they did? Hmmm maybe I really am out of touch A calculator for tips. I really don’t get it their is something fishy going on…..
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Google Drive
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#5 Again is it a paid for search if it’s your own product.Google Drive is their scheme to have everything you know and own in the cloud, Googles Cloud they claim its an easy way to back things up well its only easy because they programmed it that way. Cloud computing, we use it for our website because it’s usually faster but not cheaper and not necessarily better at all. But back to the #5 search in general, Google can generate millions of searches on anything worldwide just by putting whatever it might be at the top of any and all the searches done on their engine, is that okay with you? Do you really think that having the entire world thinking about the same inane thing on any given day is good and that one person or one thing ultimately determines what that is? It definitely takes your mind off what is really happening or maybe they will actually use it for some good or maybe not?
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#6 Erica Bank of America’s digital assistant tells us that the bigger the bank the better the deals it can give you. Now that is a very good question. IMHO that may be true but only when it comes to banking because banking is just numbers and they should always be the same? Hmmm well then if the numbers are always the same then couldn’t a small bank give the exact same service. Well technically yes but a larger bank has more percentages IE: money to deal with so it has bigger margins and could give better deals because of those margins or whatever the economists are calling it these days. The honest truth is money is only worth what we say it’s worth. We can make up more if we need to it’s really that simple. But psychologically and economically its a little more complicated but thats just what they all say to try to confuse you we know the truth.
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#7 Apple Maps that is, What maps is something else that we only need 1 of right. Because maps dont change do they? Well yes they do and whoever is most up to date and easiest to use that’s the one I will go with. It used to be mapquest and now it’s Google Maps, Apple maps was never in the running because they screwed it up years ago. But I will say this Ive seen some odd vehicles with giant camera’s on top roaming the city streets and highways and Byways of our fair city and I thought it was google. So Iguess I will have to Give apple maps a try but you probably have to pay for it or have an Iphone or Mac so forget that. But here it is Anyway you might be one of those FanBoys or should I say Fan person.
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