We are all Gods……Children! So lets start acting like We Care……about how the rest of the world turns out.

Yes we are all “gods children”. Where did this term even come from “Gods Children”?  Okay so lets put this in perspective, the people that wrote the bible or the koran or Tao te Ching, or the Dhammapada, or the Adi Granth, or the Torah, or the Veda, IMHO had ulterior motives.(these documents I have referred to are where and how we have derived “Gods Children”) Yes the authors had reasons but they were not I repeat NOT writing fairy tales (allthough that would be my first inclination) they were not writing self help books (that would be my second inclination) so maybe they were writing historical documents and maybe they were writng the NEWS of the day. Whatever you beleive, all of these books or stories were written hundreds if not thousands of years ago so that should be your first clue to putting them in “perspective”. Needless to say the closest I will allow myself to beleive in these documents is to think they really are historical documents or news of the day (which in most cases was thousands of years ago). So if thats the case we need to read them and move on it would be ridculous for us today to take a news story from 1890 and try to apply it to our lives today we dont usually do that. Yet that is what so many people are still trying to get you to do. (why would they be doing that? Well that is a good question for another time). Now That may be fine for some who like to live in the past and dwell on their innermost thoughts and revere the elders who were so smart and must have been close to the real gods….that is just ridiculous and it really only helps the person who is telling you these …stories. SO Please lets move on and live in the here and now. SO how do we do that? Live in the  here and now I say lets start with the Basics Lets start with the 10 Comandments from the Christian Bible not really from right now but its a start. I hope we can all agree the 10 comandments are meant to be all good and if we all just lived by the 10 comandments we might be better off, with that said , I personally could go with Comandments # 5,6,7,8 & 9 maybe 10. Which start with honoring thy mother and father, dont murder, lie or steal and then of course adultery which is basically lying but lets leave sex out of it we need that at least untill we figure out how to live forever and then there is the no coveting which leads to other bad things. So those 4 commandments are about as far I will take some of those thousand year old “historical documents’ and use them in my day to day life. Now dont get me wrong all religions are basically good and all have great stories and wonderful allegories of how you could live your life and be a good God fearing law abiding person but then so do todays Bill of rights or Constitution. I am just not going to get into a debate about religions here today suffice it to say they all have their good and bad ponts. But I prefer to go with my conscience (my gut) and how I want to be treated. So back to my point. Yes what was my point. Well let me tell you We are all “gods children” and are hence GODS so we need to treat all other life on earth as if it is as valuable as we are. So in other words the world is our oyster we can either eat it and have none left or grow it nurture it and treat it as our own backyard. Because we are going to need all the nurturing and getting along with eachother we can get all 10 billion of us! Thank you David Russell @internetTop40 Thats just my opinion Please feel free to click the “add your list” or “Create your top 40 list” buttons any where on the website and add your own list or story or video or picture or whatever you would like to add. Thanks Again Happy New year!


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