“We don’t need no stinking Politicians”! that’s a funny twist on a line from Blazing Saddles

We can become a true democracy with today’s technology and all of societies common sense. We don’t need no stinking Politicians! It’s true we really don’t! The Government Shutdown of 2019 proves that!  Now we do need some form of government and we do need civil servants for all the jobs they do but…..WE DO NOT NEED A BUNCH OF OLD PEOPLE WHO ARE SO FAR OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY THEY ARE LITERALLY WORTHLESS and more TROUBLE TO SOCIETY than they are worth! Now I shouldn’t say completely worthless but the government shutdown helps us realize that we really don’t need them at all. So people lets vote them all out of office the republicans and democrats POLITICIANS ARE OUR ENEMIES  just think of all the money we will save not paying POLITICIANS BLOATED PAYROLLS AND OUTRAGEOUS SALARIES. We could afford a few other employees So vote for a computer to count the votes or we could just hire a few hundred thousand people to count all the votes that we a true democracy will now be making every week. Because we the people will now be voting on all the issues the politicians cant agree on and the majority will rule and  So That’s it Vote for a computer next election but whatever we do lets vote these politicians out of a job. With today’s technology WE DON’T NEED NO STINKING POLITICIANS.  I’m Dave Russell and that’s my opinion. Thank you for your support

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