The 4th branch of Government wants to Pay you to Vote.


Why should government officials get all the money and power?

We the people are coalescing into a 4th branch of government. Further we should have full access to a Cent Com and/or a similar type organizational structure for societies use, which we essentially already have in the form of the internet. It seems obvious to me we should run society similarly to a ranked structure, we could call it the tree of life or or whatever you think.

There is no doubt people need order humans want to fit in. A tree of life social structure gives people a means and reason to continue to move forward in all aspects of life. From this simple ranked structure, we can further delineate groups and responsibilities more easily even if it’s in the most general terms. Ranked order or tree of life is the only way a society can support billions of human lives on one small planet, with the help of technology of course.

Local governments are another aspect that will all have to be sub branches to our 4th branch, which of course is the initial stated goal of any true democracy. The problem is it seems our current 2 party governing body seems to advocate for chaos so they can stay in power this is going to change. Our human society simply can not continue on like a zombie. There is a plan for all of this to take place in an ordered fashion. A method that will pay you to do things online and in the real world. Get Paid To Vote. Please Sign the support form  and Read the Proposal for Relief to Alphabet Inc. Thank you

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