What About all the Dead People Voting?

IMHO we have not heard about the dead people voting. Either their aren’t any or they are still looking or they don’t want us to know and this is a complete farce. The only real way it seems to me they could have swayed the vote and that is knowing ballots of Dead people beforehand. That is certainly possible and no one else would or could possibly know who all these people are. So unless they are going to check and see every vote cast was by a live person we will never know. Until someone streamlines the voting process and makes it universal, but that would actually give the people the control and power. HMMMMM?? 

So once again Thank you Donald Trump for breaking everything and letting us put it all back together, which we can and will. BTW If you do happen to get elected, who cares because your just as corrupted as Joe Biden is. And its not necessarily the individuals who are corrupt although they are just by being complicit. But it is more the process that is corrupted and that’s one reason I made this website. To help De-Corrupt and streamline the voting process. Believe me its coming in the very near future. Thank you ttyl

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