Who is the Brains of the Body “Politic”?

Every single politician in government today or lets call them the “Body Politic” is complicit in this travesty. Every single one of them who have not said a word about the real problem, which is we don’t have a democracy we never have had a democracy we have a representative democracy there is a big difference. Besides that fact, when you vote by a secret ballot you have no idea if your vote was counted or not, you have no idea who actually won any election. I honestly don’t care who won but once again the swamp is full. And oh yes “they” said Biden won. And when I say they I dont really even know who they are? Is it the media, the body politic or who is the actual authority here? The congress the senate, the president, they all blame each other, How convenient.

Once again the body politic has been putting on a really good show manipulating us against each other and we think it is us against them, the Reps vs. dems but isn’t that really us against ourselves? That is what crazy people do. Usually when you start a fight it is with someone who is really threatening you not because of mixed signals and made up stories from our body. How can our body be threatening us? Usually when something gets that bad, that infected, we cut it off like a gangrenous toe. But this time its our whole body. But it is not really our body and we really don’t need a body without a head so lets bury it before it really stinks the place up. All we need is our own body our own head and each other. Not some headless brainless corpse of a body. But this is all just hyperbole.

Whether you are a republican or democrat makes no difference. What we have here in America is a “representative democracy” and it is representing us for all the wrong reasons, it represents an ancient and bygone era. First of all it was thought up 300 years ago so let’s Face it our system is representing the wrong things and is totally outdated and only serving the politicians themselves not the people who are the brains of this body politic. The body politic is so out of touch they can only think about keeping the one job the one thing thing they have to do, to represent us and they cant even do that now or ever. Not only can’t they do the job but they are making every excuse in the book to justify who they are and what they do it is pathetic for them and really bad for us the “brains” or “we the people” or whatever the “body” is are calling us these days.

I hope you will think about what I am saying If we all just stop long enough to think about who is the real villain, the real problem with society? The problem is the body politic with there lack of a head with a brain they are in a death match. They know they are fighting for their very lives but do we? The body politic have obviously fooled some of us again, but there is a better way a more democratic and easier way for society to abide. Part of the problem is the brain is scared of change but don’t be scared, because the change is coming and in fact it’s already here. Just keep in mind this is 2021 not 1771 and we are the brains of this body. We the people have choices to make for a better and more responsive democracy for all of our needs and the choice is clear, and it is called the internet and common sense.

If you are sick of this clown show called the “Body Politic” acting like a spastic colon well just remember we the people are the brains of this body and don’t you forget it. We simply must start acting like it and do something, before we shit all over everyone and everything. We need to take our medicine and that medicine requires us to get rid of the “spastic colon” get rid of this representative democracy cut off this gangrenous body and become whole again.

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