Who Really Won the Grammy’s? You Decide. Starting with Best Dance Recording

Yes you decide we are going to give you the music video version of all the songs from a few of the Grammy categories starting with Best Dance music Recording, then Song of the Year, followed by Best R&B Song, Best Rap Song, Best Country Song and for some reason they don’t have the best Rock or Alternative song, They have Best Rock Album and Best Alternative Music Album. So all you have to do is Listen and Vote or Just Vote. You can listen to the entire song in each category or listen to a few seconds of the beginning middle and end or however you like to audition songs. But just vote or Vote and list or just listen

Best Dance Music Recording

Dua Lipa Tickets

Song of the Year

Best R&B Song

Best Rap Song

Best Country Song

Best Rock Album

Best Alternative Music Album



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Who Really Won the Grammy’s? You Decide “Song of the Year”