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Your Vote Your Opinion How to Make it Happen!

We talked about you/your vote being worth billions last time and that is all still true. That the type of government we have here in america is essentially a representative democracy. What that means is we the people elect a representative for our geographic area to go to Washington D.C. to then go there make all the laws all the rules.These rules they make are mainly about money and its our money. But these “Representatives” cant even balance a budget let alone pass any meaningful laws.. So our “Representatives” claim its someone else’s fault or its Top secret or they could get killed and they need privacy or some other lie whatever suits their purposes at the moment. But that’s exactly what they don’t need there are no secrets and their shouldn’t be especially when it comes to our money our country and it is our world.

Last time I said I wouldn’t go into the details of how we could all be our own senator or representative and that our “representative democracy” form of government is antiquated corrupt and should become a thing of the past ASAP. Well I’m ready to make a couple of suggestions. #1 Technology! yes we now have the internet and a camera and a voting/Polling/broadcast device we carry in our pockets. We can all meet at anytime anywhere and vote on any thing with those same devices and yes there are secure ways of voting and getting those types of things done. #2 We are humans with brains we can actually meet in person at places like coffee shops, libraries or any other public or private place that can hold the number of people you want to meet with. AND You do want to meet with these people from time to time to form your own Group. Let’s Call them Voting Groups, unions, social clubs, Neo Government Agencies or whatever you want to call them but they are intended for you to meet and together decide what is important to you and your group. Its really that simple but that is easy to say hard to do no matter what But do it anyway.

Political parties are a thing of the past. SOCIAL & FINANCIAL NEEDS VOTING GROUPS are whats in your future. We have no one else to blame but ourselves. Unfortunately most people honestly don’t care and that’s okay but if you do care, Please Join me here on this website. Anyone who signs up can make their own posting or poll or just keep on reading. We would like to make a place where issues can be brought up and voted on. the “Ranking” Authority, The technology is here Please feel free to learn it and use it at your discretion. At this time It’s all completely free but if you do see an advertisement you like Please feel free to click on it or “comment” as well as voting on any items you may find on our website. In fact Please get used to “voting” online. I have a feeling if things go the way they should there will be more voting online so make your vote and your group heard on

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