it40 your vote your power

People in America today PLEASE listen, with today’s technology we no longer need a representative government, we do not need corrupt politicians who win a single contest to in effect keep your vote and then do whatever they want for 4 or 6 years those days are quickly coming to an end. Your vote is worth Billions and they know it, and so should you! You and whoever is of age and meets certain requirements should be voting on all the issues ourselves. Your vote is the most important and valuable thing you have and we should use it and treat it as such.  We can all participate in governing ourselves With today’s technology you can be right there participating and voting on all the issues. NOT like that corrupt out of touch senator who works 3 months of the year and parties all the rest of the time, why do you think they call them Parties? The most important duty and right each of us is to voice our opinions and work with others to achieve our goals through voting on items that are brought up on a regular basis. Once again today’s technology makes us all our own senator or state representative. There are so many options and things we can do with technology today to make our government, our society, our world,  better and more responsive, just know the type of government we have now is so antiquated and corrupted WE HAVE TO CHANGE IT. I’m not going to talk about the details of how we can all vote on all of the issues and govern ourselves, just know that it can be done it must be done and it will.  Politics and our government today is so corrupt and so divisive it is something we need to change and change for the better of us all. Today’s technology technically allows us all to be able to bring up issues and vote on them from anywhere, on a second by second basis if need be. Not only should we all be voting on any of the issues but our votes should become our currency. our votes and our ideas and opinions are the most valuable things we have and with today’s technology it could be easy for each and every one of us to bring issues to vote on and make them happen and all get paid to do it. We should do away with politicians and hire people as at will employees not Popularity contest winners. Politicians are the root cause of almost all the problems in the world today and we really need to do something about it. Your Vote is your Power. Lets all work together and change our world, our society, our government for the good of us all.

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