Your worst nightmare come true The “Thought Police” brought on by Internet God Syndrome©

The nCovid-19 is so heinous not because its killing people but because the government is using it to scare you into “social Distancing” First off I am going to say some things you might not like but they are all true numbers don’t lie , people and governments do. Yes the Covid-19 is killing people but these are deaths that could not be prevented and would have happened anyway remember now the term is death from complications and nCovid-19. The average Death rate in the United States is approx. 8000 a day. We have barely reached that number over the few months they claim the nCovid-19 has been killing people in the united states and its all your fault. Our fault how is it our fault some “Invisible enemy” killing people our fault? Well they don’t say that directly only indirectly as I can explain. The government and media are distorting the facts to scare you and promoting “Social Distancing” soon enough they will be throwing you in jail if you get too close to someone or the government thinks you have covid-19 and you are not self quarantining they nail your door shut or simply throw you in a quarantine called prison. China certainly loves this idea they came up with it supposedly but now they can get rid of all the dissidents and not look so bad, because they are not dissidents they are murderers they have covid-19 and they “Might have given it to 1000’s but we will stop them for you we are heroes.

Once again I am reminded of the movie minority report where the Thought police come and arrest you before you commit a murder. Before you do anything illegal Think about it nCovid-19 social distancing is the same type of thing. Social distance yourself or you might infect others and if you don’t we will quarantine you by force. Its a governments dream come true now all they have to say is the person they want to get rid of has covid-19 and might have spread the disease to other innocents who will die because this person wouldn’t sit at home and do nothing because “WE SAY SO”. and the government looks like heroes once again saving us from ourselves. Now I’m not denying covid-19 is deadly because it can kill you if you have complicating factors. But so can hundreds of thousands of other things. Are we going to paralyze society and stop everything because of what might happen I don’t think so. All we can do is be warned and be prepared is this the way to do that by a slow erosion of your freedom. I don’t think so.

Finally The government or any organization with lots of contacts and power to reach the people like Big media could perpetrate or prepare us for something like this. You could pick out any disease and tell people it “Might kill” you and if you don’t sit at home and do nothing we will make you because you “might” infect someone. Well its the “Thought Police” big time and they are coming to a city near you. In fact they are coming to knock on your door right now……. Seriously though I don’t think they are coming at all or ever. Good Luck with the Though Police on your side but that’s another story in itself.

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